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Surbhi never stooped to Sreesanth’s level,’ says Her Brother

Both Surbhi Rana and Sreesanth were reprimanded by Salman Khan last weekend for saying derogatory things to each other. The actor had even mentioned that Surbhi Rana’s way of provoking Sreesanth was worse than his. However, Surbhi’s brother, Abhinav, doesn’t have similar thoughts. In an exclusive interview with Timesnow, Abhinav, who will be entering the Bigg Boss house in the family week, revealed how he felt about the remark made against his sister by Sreesanth.

Admitting the fact that his sister too provoked Sreesanth, Abhinav said, “As a brother, I cannot repeat what he said about my sister. You’re (Sreesanth) such a famous person and you’re sitting on top of the hierarchy and you say something like this. Yes, she provoked him but she never stooped to his level. She only mocked the things that he has already said on the show. I agree her way of passing taunts at him might have been bad but she still doesn’t deserve to be said the things that he said about her. No gentleman will ever say something that dirty for anyone.”

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