Swiftle, For Taylor Swift fans

Swiftle, For Taylor Swift fans

Swiftle, For Taylor Swift fans

What is Swiftle?

We’ve heard about Heardle, the song guessing Wordle spinoff as well as BTS Heardle, which is especially for ARMYs. But if you are a Swiftie (aka Taylor Swift fan), there are a couple of wordle-style games you can play too! Here’s all you need to know about Taylordle and Swiftle.

Swiftle is where you can listen to a snippet of the song and show off your song-guessing skills as a Taylor Swift fan.

The best part is that there’s a mode to play past puzzles in case you missed them and there’s also a hard mode that you can access via settings.

“Swiftle is a gracious homage to Taylor Swift and inspired by Wordle & Heardle” reads the very first lines of the game’s description.

While the iconic Wordle birthed Taylordle, a word-based guessing game, it simply wasn’t enough to satisfy Swifties across the globe.

Enter Sparsh Tyagi, a self-confessed Swiftie, and a software engineering student, who also goes by Techyonic. Disappointed that a music-based Taylor Swift Wordle wasn’t available, he took on the job of creating one himself. And boom, Swiftle was born!

The game challenges Swifties everywhere to test their expertise when it comes to the pop star’s discography.

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Given that Taylor Swift has one of the most loyal crowd followings and her fans are known to stream her songs for days, Swiftle is the ultimate test for a Swiftie.

Swiftle is where you can listen to a snippet of the song and show off your song-guessing skills as a Taylor Swift fan.

The best part is that there’s a mode to play past puzzles in case you missed them and there’s also a hard mode that you can access via settings. For the previous Swiftles, click on the Calendar icon on top of the screen and choose the date.

You get 6 attempts to guess the song of the day.

In case you make a wrong guess, you get extra seconds of the song to listen to so that you can get closer to the right answer.

If you can’t recall the exact song name, don’t worry. Just type the word and there will be a drop-down that gives you the full name of the song that you can click on.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about Taylor Swift Wordle games Taylordle & Swiftle.

Go ahead and bookmark the sites so that you can play them daily! If you’re a fan of Wordle, we’ve got a whole list of past Wordle answers ever since it went viral and the trick to play previous Wordles via the archive.

Plus, here are some tools to help you solve daily puzzles easily.

And for everything else related to Wordle, be sure to explore our dedicated section on Gamer Tweak.

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Swiftle, For Taylor Swift fans

Difference between Swiftle and Heardle

Similar to its counterparts like One Direction Heardle and BTS Heardle, Swiftle borrows heavily from both Wordle and Heardle – a tad more from the latter than the former.

The concept remains the same: to guess the song in as few tries as possible. But that is where the similarity comes to an end.

If Heardle puts a spin on Wordle by having the player guess a song in the fewest attempts possible, Swiftle puts another twist by having the player guess the Taylor Swift song in six tries.

And here’s the hook: every Taylor Swift song is available on Swiftle’s database and provides the basis for the daily challenges.

Additionally, players will have the option to take on the daily challenge, or go back and play the past games too.

You can play Swiftle here: techyonic.co/swiftle

How to play Swiftle

If you are familiar with Wordle or Heardle, you will have no problem playing Swiftle.

It works on the same principle of guesswork.

You will have to identify the Taylor Swift song in as few tries as possible. But if you are unfamiliar with such games, do not worry.

We will take you through all the basics and get you on your way.

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