Taylor Lautner’s Wife Taylor Dome Opens Up About Breast Lump Scare on Podcast

Taylor Lautner's Wife Taylor Dome Opens Up About Breast Lump Scare on Podcast

Taylor Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome, shares her terrifying experience of discovering a breast lump and subsequent health scares on their podcast, The Squeeze.

Bollywood Fever: Taylor Dome, wife of “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner, recently opened up about a terrifying health scare on her podcast, The Squeeze, which she co-hosts with her husband. The 27-year-old influencer and registered nurse revealed that she discovered a ‘hard lump’ on her breast while in the shower, leaving her ‘completely frozen’ with fear.

During Wednesday’s episode, Dome recounted the moment she felt the lump, saying, “I kinda, like, paused for a second and was like, ‘Wait. What?’ And then I pressed on it again and started to feel it. And there was this hard lump there.” The discovery left her overwhelmed with anxiety and tears.

Taylor Lautner's Wife Taylor Dome Opens Up About Breast Lump Scare on Podcast

Lautner, 32, shared his perspective, expressing his own fear while trying to stay strong for his wife. “When you told me, I was terrified but trying not to show you that I was terrified,” he said.

Dome’s fears were somewhat alleviated after an ultrasound at a breast center revealed that everything was clear. “The tissue can just, like, move around hormonally. It can change,” she explained, adding that the lump is still present but has not changed since its discovery.

The couple emphasized the importance of regular self-examinations, with Dome reminding other women to check themselves in the shower. “Breast cancer doesn’t run in my family, but I’ve had a lot of cancer within my family, so I think that’s why I was also very scared,” she shared. “It’s also just important for people to know — as hard as it is — to know that it is very normal for that to happen.”

About a month after the scare, Dome found herself in a depressive state, experiencing severe anxiety attacks and struggling to get out of bed. She credited her husband for his support during this difficult time, noting that he stayed by her side as she navigated her mental health struggles.

Ultimately, Dome realized that her symptoms were side effects from going off birth control. She had been on birth control for ten years and was left without a current prescription after her regular doctor retired. After two weeks of feeling unwell, she contacted the doctor who referred her to the breast center and received a new prescription “literally within minutes.”

Reflecting on the experience, Dome said, “That was my one positive from my lump. That was able to help solve the problem.” She concluded the discussion with a positive note, declaring, “We’re lumpy, but we’re healthy.”

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome tied the knot at Epoch Estate Wines in November 2022, exactly one year after getting engaged. The couple went Instagram official with their relationship in October 2018 and have since launched The Squeeze Podcast, where they candidly discuss mental health and other personal topics.

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