Ten-Year-Old Removed from Flight After Refusing to Buckle Up

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A ten-year-old was removed from a Latam flight in Colombia after refusing to buckle up, causing a delay and viral social media attention.

Bollywood Fever: A ten-year-old traveler was removed from a Latam flight in Colombia after refusing to buckle up for takeoff, causing a significant delay.

The incident occurred on a short-haul Latam flight, where the child’s refusal to follow crew instructions or heed his parent’s pleas led to a disruption. As a result, the captain had to abort takeoff and return to the gate.

A video capturing the incident has gone viral, drawing widespread attention on social media. According to local reports, the situation lasted for an hour before security personnel arrived to remove the child and his father from the plane.

“Dear passengers, we previously informed you that if the regulations were not complied with, we could not start the flight,” a flight attendant announced on camera, explaining the delay. “Now we are waiting for the passengers who do not comply with the regulation to please disembark.”

Fellow passengers reacted strongly to the disruption, with many expressing frustration at the father’s inability to manage his child. Some were heard shouting at the father to “get off” the aircraft.

Before tensions escalated further, security arrived and escorted the pair off the plane. While most passengers supported the airline’s decision, one woman defended the child, saying, “He has rights, it’s a child.”

Instances of unruly behavior on flights have become increasingly common. In April, a Spirit Airlines passenger was removed after a bizarre incident where she snapped her teeth and growled at others. Last month, a fight broke out on an Eva Air flight from Taiwan to the United States after a passenger became agitated over his seatmate’s coughing.

Flight attendants have also voiced their grievances about passenger behavior, citing numerous issues ranging from unwanted touching to excessive use of the call button.

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