Terrifying Malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas’ Raging River Ride Sparks Safety Concerns

Terrifying Malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas' Raging River Ride Sparks Safety Concerns

A dramatic video captures the moment rafts pile up on Six Flags Over Texas’ Raging River ride, forcing riders to swim to safety. Past incidents raise safety questions about the ride.

Texas, Bollywood Fever: A video posted online has captured the dramatic moment when a family ride at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington appeared to malfunction, raising serious safety concerns.

Terrifying Malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas' Raging River Ride Sparks Safety Concerns

The video, shared on TikTok on Sunday, shows four rafts piled up on the Raging River ride. Moments later, another raft crashes into the scene, prompting terrified riders to scramble back to the pier for safety.

As a park employee tries desperately to hold onto one of the rafts, it is pulled away, forcing riders to fall into the water to get back to the pier. In a heart-stopping moment, a young boy struggles to swim to safety against the rushing water. A man pulls him up, as someone shouts, “Get the kid.”

The child and two adults manage to climb back onto the pier, their clothes soaking wet, while the other rafts drift away. An employee is seen running out with flotation devices to assist.

The cause of the pile-up is unclear, but some viewers claim it is not uncommon for the ride to malfunction. “That happened to us on the same ride,” user Megan Burnett commented. “We sat there while they drained the water, and we had to walk out.”

Another user wrote that the Raging River ride is “known for this, if you’re from [Dallas-Fort Worth] you know,” while a third warned that the ride “is a death trap once it flips,” adding that they are “not getting on this.”

The Raging River ride features rafts that can accommodate up to 12 family members, promising guests will be “soaked.” The Six Flags Over Texas website describes the ride as a “playfully treacherous passage down river,” advising visitors not to be surprised if their “veering vessel is overtaken by raging waves of water.”

Terrifying Malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas' Raging River Ride Sparks Safety Concerns

This incident is not the first time a similar ride has faced safety issues. In July 2021, an 11-year-old boy and his older brother died on a similar ride at Adventureland water park in Iowa when their raft capsized and trapped them underwater. The family subsequently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the park.

In another tragic incident in Australia, four adults were killed on a similar ride when its conveyor belt malfunctioned, causing the six-person raft to flip. The accident resulted in the drowning and crushing of two men, aged 38 and 35, and two women, aged 42 and 32.

As the investigation into the recent malfunction at Six Flags Over Texas continues, these past incidents underscore the importance of stringent safety measures and regular maintenance checks on amusement park rides to prevent such tragedies.

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