Texas Couple Rescues Abandoned Newborn Found on Walking Trail

Texas Couple Rescues Abandoned Newborn Found on Walking Trail

A Texas couple discovered an abandoned newborn with her umbilical cord still attached while walking in Katy, Texas. Their quick action saved the infant, now in good condition at a local hospital.

Texas, Bollywood Fever: A Texas couple sprang into action upon discovering an abandoned newborn with her umbilical cord still attached while walking on a trail Saturday morning.

Daniela Fedele and her husband were strolling along Casa Martin Drive in Katy, Texas, when they noticed a towel on the ground. Fedele’s three-year-old daughter began to ride her bike towards it before Fedele realized something was moving underneath.

“I noticed two little feet moving and then my husband was right behind me with the dogs, and I yelled to my husband, ‘Oh my God, a baby, a baby,'” Fedele recounted to KHOU. “And then my husband [says] like, ‘Call 911, call 911,’ and that’s what we did.”

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies received the call around 9 a.m. and rushed to the scene. Meanwhile, Fedele and her husband worked to keep the infant safe, earning praise from local police for their quick thinking.

Surveillance footage showed the couple running towards the baby with their dogs, and Fedele’s husband grabbing the infant before moving her out of the sun.

“Once my husband went ahead and picked up the baby, he found the nearest, like tree, right there at the house down the street. He found a little shade,” Fedele said.

They waited until deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office arrived and handed the infant over, informing officials they saw a man running away. The baby girl was transported to a local hospital, where she was listed in good condition, according to KHOU.

Authorities praised Fedele and her husband for potentially saving the infant’s life, describing them as a “blessing” in the child’s moment of need.

“The two witnesses that were thankfully walking on the trail with their daughter and their dogs were a blessing,” said Sgt. Juan Garcia, who works in the Child Abuse Unit. “The baby was a newborn… still had, you know, fresh placenta on the baby, so it was freshly born this morning.”

Fedele expressed her shock and disbelief at finding the newborn, wondering how someone could abandon their baby. “I was shocked, I was mad, I was upset,” she said, emphasizing that there are options for new parents who don’t wish to raise a baby. “You can drop it off at a fire station, a police station, a hospital, I don’t know… but don’t leave the baby.”

Police say cases of people abandoning infants are rare and are now looking for a man they believe dumped the baby. He is described as a young Hispanic or white male, with a slim build and a fair complexion. He was wearing a black shirt and possibly gray pants at the time of the abandonment.

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