Thanks Putin Trending In United States, Know Why This Surprising Trend?

President Joe Biden Will Appear On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Thanks Putin Trending In United States, Know Why This Surprising Trend?

POTUS Joe Biden Tweeted that Gas prices declined by 60 cents per gallon.

The trend is kind of sarcastic because when prices of gas went up President said it is because of Putin.

He Tweeted: Gas prices have declined by an average of 60 cents per gallon over the past 38 days.

Five straight weeks of gas prices coming down.

To this United States Twitteratis started Trending Thanks Putin.

Here are some Tweets.

Thanks Putin Trending In United States

Chuck Ross: Thanks Putin!

so should i thank putin since it was aparently his fault for them going up and not yours acording to u if u didnt lie then thanks putin

Thanks Putin for lowering our gas prices. Joe said you raised them so obviously it was Putin that lowered them.

Thanks Putin…right? U blame him for prices going up.. He gets responsibility for it going down…. $4 bucks give me a break. Nothing like taking a bow for gas prices being over 100% higher since u took office..pathetic.

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