Thief Gets Instant Karma Falling Through Ceiling During Florida Storage Unit Heist

Thief Gets Instant Karma Falling Through Ceiling During Florida Storage Unit Heist

A man attempting to break into a Florida storage unit faces instant karma by falling through the ceiling of another unit. Tyvarius Stroud Mattison, charged with multiple thefts, was caught in the act and detained by police.

Bollywood Fever: A man attempting to break into a Florida storage unit experienced instant karma when he comically fell through the ceiling of another unit while trying to flee.

Tyvarius Tygwyan Stroud Mattison, 34, was detained by police at SmartStop Self Storage in Homestead and charged with being a serial thief.

Stroud Mattison is believed to have robbed the unit three times, stealing about $20,000 in sneakers, with one owner claiming he took tens of thousands of dollars in clothes and shoes.

“The way he left my unit, he was actually coming back for more,” said the victim. “He was getting into it through the ceiling, using a dolly or cart as a stair and unscrewing the screws from the top.”

Police waited for Stroud Mattison to return to the storage facility, and when they spotted him, it was fairly easy to catch him.

Stroud Mattison was immediately confronted by the unit owner when he returned this past Thursday. Attempting to escape, he tried navigating through the ceilings of various storage units like a maze before eventually falling through one, as reported by Local 10.

Thief Gets Instant Karma Falling Through Ceiling During Florida Storage Unit Heist

Video footage captured Stroud Mattison with his legs dangling from the ceiling, caught red-handed. One witness was heard exclaiming, “What an idiot!”

Police stated that Stroud Mattison does legally rent a unit at the facility and had used his password to gain entry. Two other victims reported that he had targeted their units during his series of burglaries.

On Friday, Stroud Mattison was taken to a local correctional facility before his initial court appearance. He was officially charged with one count of second-degree grand theft, two counts of third-degree grand theft, three counts of burglary of an unoccupied structure, and one count of resisting an officer without violence.

The judge in Miami-Dade County found probable cause and ordered him not to return to the storage facility. If Stroud Mattison has any legal possessions at SafeStorage, he is legally required to be accompanied by police. Due to the value of the stolen items, he was also denied a lower bond rate.

Stroud Mattison has a prior record for attempting to sell cannabis and hallucinogens, according to the county.

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