Three Missing After Severe Weather Causes Landslide in Southeastern Switzerland

Three Missing After Severe Weather Causes Landslide in Southeastern Switzerland

Massive thunderstorms and rainfall in southeastern Switzerland lead to a landslide, leaving three people missing and causing significant damage. Rescue operations are underway.

Switzerland, Bollywood Fever: Three people were reported missing on Saturday following massive thunderstorms and rainfall in southeastern Switzerland, which triggered a landslide. The incident occurred in the Alpine valley of Misox in Graubünden, affecting the municipality of Lostallo.

Three Missing After Severe Weather Causes Landslide in Southeastern Switzerland

One woman was rescued alive after being buried by the landslide, but the search for the three others continues. Rescue operations, led by William Kloter from the Swiss police, have been ongoing throughout Saturday, utilizing excavators and specially-trained search dogs. Kloter expressed hope of finding the missing persons alive.

Swiss President Viola Amherd expressed her shock at the extent of the damage caused by the severe weather. “My thoughts are with those affected. I thank the emergency personnel for their tireless efforts in this difficult situation,” Amherd said on X.

Elsewhere in Switzerland, the popular tourist destination of Zermatt in the southern canton of Valais near the iconic Matterhorn mountain has become inaccessible. Heavy rains and melting snow caused the Mattervispa River to overflow, isolating the village. Dramatic videos showed the normally small river transforming into a muddy flash flood, partially submerging streets in the ski resort.

The Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway halted operations, and no alternative transportation was available, the railway company announced on social media on Saturday morning.

Emergency services in Valais were on high alert due to rising levels of the Rhone River, which peaked on Saturday. Authorities evacuated 230 residents, particularly from the municipality of Chippis on the left bank of the Rhone River.

Residents have been warned to avoid lower parts of their homes, including cellars, stay away from swollen rivers, and refrain from parking on bridges. Authorities also advised against filming or photographing the floods for safety reasons.

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