Timeline of Microsoft’s EU Antitrust Battles: From Interoperability to Team Bundling Charges


Explore the history of Microsoft’s ongoing antitrust issues with the European Commission, from early interoperability complaints to the recent charges over bundling Teams with Office products.

Bollywood Fever: The European Commission has once again charged Microsoft with antitrust violations, this time for illegally bundling its chat and video app Teams with its Office product. This marks the latest in a series of long-standing issues between Microsoft and EU regulators. Here’s a look at the timeline of Microsoft’s antitrust battles with the European Commission and ongoing investigations into its practices.


1998 – Investigation into Interoperability

The European Commission opened an investigation into Microsoft over interoperability issues following a complaint from Sun Microsystems.

2000 – Media Player Bundling

The Commission began investigating Microsoft’s practice of tying its Media Player with its operating system, which raised concerns about market competition.

2004 – Major Fine for Bundling Practices

Regulators imposed a hefty fine of 497 million euros ($533 million) on Microsoft for not making data available to rivals and for bundling Media Player with its operating system.

2006 – Additional Penalty

The Commission levied an additional fine of 280.5 million euros due to Microsoft’s failure to comply with the 2004 EU order to provide necessary data to rivals.

2008 – New Investigations and Increased Fines

Two new investigations were opened in 2008: one focused on interoperability issues and another on browser choice. That same year, the Commission imposed an 899 million euro fine, marking the second additional penalty after Microsoft failed to comply with the 2004 order.

2009 – Settlement on Browser Choice

Microsoft settled the 2008 investigation by offering to allow access to rival web browsers, addressing concerns about limited browser choice for users.

2012 – Fine Reduction on Appeal

Europe’s second-highest court reduced the 2008 fine from 899 million euros to 860 million euros following an appeal by Microsoft.

2013 – Further Fine for Browser Non-Compliance

Competition regulators imposed a 561 million euro fine on Microsoft for not adhering to the 2009 agreement regarding web browser choice.

2020 – Complaint from Slack

Salesforce-owned Slack filed a complaint with the EU, alleging that Microsoft was unfairly bundling its chat and video app Teams with its Office product.

2022 – Cloud Computing Practices Under Scrutiny

The Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE), which includes Amazon as a member, complained to the Commission about Microsoft’s cloud computing practices.

2023 – Complaint from Alfaview

German rival Alfaview lodged a complaint with the EU watchdog concerning the bundled Teams and Office package sold to educational institutions, prompting regulators to launch an investigation.

2024 – Security Software Practices Feedback

The EU sought feedback from rivals and users about Microsoft’s security software practices, indicating ongoing scrutiny of the company’s business practices.

2024 – Talks to Resolve Antitrust Complaint

Microsoft entered discussions to resolve the antitrust complaint filed by the Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE), signaling efforts to address the concerns raised by Amazon and other members.


Microsoft’s history with the European Commission is marked by a series of antitrust battles spanning over two decades. From initial concerns about interoperability and bundling Media Player to the recent charges over bundling Teams with Office products, Microsoft’s practices have been consistently scrutinized. As the company continues to navigate these challenges, it remains to be seen how it will address and resolve the ongoing antitrust issues raised by regulators and competitors alike.

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