Tourist Severely Injured in Quad Bike Accident in Greece Issues Warning to Others

Tourist Severely Injured in Quad Bike Accident in Greece Issues Warning to Others

Holly Thomas, a 21-year-old tourist, suffered severe injuries in a quad bike accident in Greece. Her family urges others to reconsider hiring quad bikes due to safety concerns.

Bollywood Fever: An unlucky tourist, Holly Thomas, 21, from South Wales, suffered severe injuries after being knocked off her quad bike by a speeding car during a family vacation on the Greek island of Zante.

The incident occurred on the third day of their trip, which began on June 5 after the family of four jetted off from Bristol Airport for a week of sun-soaked fun. They had spent $400 on renting two quad bikes to explore the island, including the famous Blue Caves.

Tourist Severely Injured in Quad Bike Accident in Greece Issues Warning to Others

On the way back from the Blue Caves, a car traveling at 80 km/h struck the back of Holly’s quad bike, sending her flying through the air. Graphic photos show Holly’s face covered in scrapes and bruises, and a large swollen ‘blood pool’ on the back of her right leg.

Holly was rushed to a local hospital where she underwent a brain scan and received stitches on her head. Unfortunately, the fine enforcement officer was confined to her room in the all-inclusive hotel for the remainder of the trip to recover.

Returning to Britain on June 12, Holly continues to recover at home. Doctors have warned that her injuries could take months to heal, and she has vowed never to use a quad bike again.

Tourist Severely Injured in Quad Bike Accident in Greece Issues Warning to Others

Holly’s parents, Alison and David, are urging others to be cautious about hiring quad bikes, feeling that the laws abroad are not stringent enough. Alison, who witnessed the accident from another quad bike, explained the terrifying moment: “A car overtook us going really fast, which made me quite nervous. They then overtook Holly but, seeing oncoming traffic, they pulled back in and hit Holly’s quad.”

“Holly’s quad was knocked completely off the road. I initially panicked and then ran over to her. Holly will be scarred 100 percent where she suffered her head and body injury. Holly’s helmet saved her life. I wish we had never hired the quad bikes after what happened. I didn’t feel safe on it anyway,” Alison added.

She continued, “They haven’t got health and safety like we have over here. It’s too easy to get one. There need to be more checks in place before you can hire one. They don’t drive on the roads the same as we do in the UK and it’s quite fast there. It’s completely different.”

Alison’s warning is clear: “Please think twice before hiring a quad bike.” She also suggested that anyone who decides to hire one should make sure to wear a helmet.

David, who also believes Holly will be permanently scarred from the incident, has joined Alison in issuing a warning to other travelers, emphasizing the importance of safety and vigilance when considering such rentals abroad.

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