Travis and Jason Kelce Discuss Taylor Swift’s Impact on “New Heights” Podcast Popularity

Travis and Jason Kelce Discuss Taylor Swift's Impact on "New Heights" Podcast Popularity

NFL siblings Travis and Jason Kelce discuss the surge in popularity of their “New Heights” podcast, attributing it to the influx of Taylor Swift fans. Learn how they are adapting to their new audience.

Bollywood Fever: Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce have noticed the significant impact that Taylor Swift’s fanbase, known as Swifties, has had on the success of their “New Heights” podcast. During their appearance at the Cannes Lions festival on Thursday, the NFL brothers reflected on how their connection to the pop superstar has introduced a whole new demographic to their show.

Travis Kelce, 34, who is dating Swift, acknowledged the influx of new listeners who are not traditional football fans. “We do have a lot of new football fans coming in,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end said. “So not just talking football like we would in the locker room, trying to, like, necessarily dumb it down or make it more simple so that everybody can follow along and still enjoy the show.”

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Jason Kelce, 36, expressed his excitement about the podcast attracting more female listeners and fostering interest in football among those who previously had little. The retired Philadelphia Eagles player, who shares three daughters with his wife Kylie, emphasized the positive effect on family dynamics. “It’s getting more girls to get involved in a sport where previously there wasn’t much interest,” he said, adding that the podcast is helping to bring dads and daughters closer together.

The brothers are mindful of their diverse audience and aim to balance their content to cater to both new and loyal listeners. “You gotta listen to your viewers and you have to listen to the comments,” Travis explained. “And your demographic and to see, you know, who you’re talking to, right?”

The “New Heights” podcast has seen a dramatic rise in popularity since Travis went public with Swift in September 2023, two months after expressing his interest in her on the platform. The Kelce brothers have frequently discussed the pop star on their show, often leading to entertaining banter and increased listener engagement.

Earlier this month, Jason humorously predicted that Travis might win a Kids’ Choice Award due to his high-profile relationship with Swift. “I mean, dude, if it’s kids [voting] you’re winning this by a f–king landslide,” he joked.

Recently, Travis and Swift were spotted enjoying a romantic trip to Lake Como, Italy. The couple was photographed sharing a kiss during a boat ride and having an intimate dinner at the Villa Sola Cabiati on the Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s waterfront property.

While the Kelce brothers were living it up in Cannes, Swift has been busy in the UK with her ongoing Eras Tour, continuing to make headlines and maintaining her global superstar status.

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