Trump Calls Mother of Murdered 12-Year-Old Before Debate with Biden

Trump Calls Mother of Murdered 12-Year-Old Before Debate with Biden

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise call to the mother of Jocelyn Nungaray, a 12-year-old tragically murdered by illegal immigrants, just before his debate with President Biden.

Bollywood Fever: Just before taking the stage to debate President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump made a surprising and heartfelt call to the mother of Jocelyn Nungaray, a 12-year-old girl tragically murdered by two illegal immigrants in Texas.

Victoria Galvan, a close friend of Jocelyn’s mother, Alexis Nungaray, recounted the unexpected call. Trump offered his condolences and mentioned that there was no one he preferred to speak to more before the debate than her.

“He was like, ‘I’m actually about to come on for a debate’… He gave his condolences, and he said that he would be reaching back out to her,” Galvan told the New York Post.

“He wanted to… say that he was praying for Alexis and that he’s been thinking about her and he wanted to reach out. He said that he was going to reach out in a couple days to her… I mean, she was really… we were all shocked,” Galvan added. She noted that following the call, she and Alexis discussed how Jocelyn would have been surprised by the former president’s attention to her story.

Jocelyn was murdered by two illegal immigrants from Venezuela, Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, who had entered the country through El Paso. Both men were initially captured by border patrol agents and released the same day. They have since been arrested on capital murder charges. The pair allegedly lured Jocelyn under a bridge, tied her up, removed her pants, and strangled her.

This tragic incident has been highlighted as part of the ongoing violence involving illegal immigrants who have entered the country under President Biden’s administration. During the debate, Trump mentioned his conversation with Jocelyn’s mother as he criticized Biden for his handling of the border crisis.

“They’re killing our citizens at a level that we’ve never seen before. And you’re reading it like these three incredible young girls over the last few days. One of them, I just spoke to the mother, and we just had the funeral for this girl, 12 years old,” Trump said on stage. “This is horrible what’s taken place. What’s taken place in our country, we’re literally an uncivilized country now.”

Source: The Post Millennial

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