Trump Makes Surprise Stop at Philly Cheesesteak Shop, Leaves $500 Tip and No-Taxes Message

Trump Makes Surprise Stop at Philly Cheesesteak Shop, Leaves $500 Tip and No-Taxes Message

Former President Trump made an unexpected visit to Tony and Nick’s Steaks in South Philadelphia, leaving a $500 tip and campaigning to end taxes on service industry tips.

Philadelphia, Bollywood Fever: Former President Trump made an unexpected campaign stop Saturday at Tony and Nick’s Steaks in South Philadelphia prior to a rally at Temple University in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Trump reportedly made quite an impression, not just from a $500 tip, but also by writing “no taxes on tips” on the receipt. The former president has recently campaigned to end taxation on tips for those in the service industries.

Trump Makes Surprise Stop at Philly Cheesesteak Shop, Leaves $500 Tip and No-Taxes Message

“It was just unbelievable,” Nicky Lucidonio, owner of Tony and Nick’s Steaks, shared with Fox News Digital. “He was talking to people, you know, they’re asking questions. He’s answering them. He’s signing hats. He signed and everything. We’re all taking pictures with him. What a great man, you know. We’re all here rooting for him. You know, this November, we gotta get him in.”

Lucidonio said Trump’s visit was unexpected, and he only knew of a woman who had visited Friday afternoon to make a large and mysterious order.

“This lady came with a bunch of people and she said, ‘I got a big order for [Saturday].’ I said, ‘OK, that’s great,’ you know… And it was like I would say about 200 sandwiches. Wow, 200 cheesesteaks. I said, ‘Great, who’s it for?’ She wanted to help me. She said it’s for some special people.”

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A prepaid order and generous tip by the former president wasn’t the only surprise Trump had in store for his visit to Tony and Nick’s. Trump polled the crowd, “Who do you like as VP?” One bystander shouted, “JD Vance!” Trump replied, “You like JD?”

The impact of Trump’s visit to Tony and Nick’s underscores issues that countless small business owners across the country are currently facing.

Lucidonio expressed his frustration at taxation on restaurant worker tips, stating, “You know, people have to wonder. They’re working in 100-degree weather in there. People put tips in our jar, you know, and then to tax those tips that these poor people live day-by-day is a joke. I mean, what else do you want to tax? It’s crazy. I mean, we go, we do all the hard work, we’re out there, and it’s 15, 20 hours a day working hard for our families. They just come and say, well, that’s half is mine. It’s ridiculous. The middle class is getting killed. We got to do something about it.”

Trump’s visit and message resonate with many Americans who feel burdened by excessive taxation, particularly those in the service industry who rely on tips for their livelihood. The former president’s campaign to end taxes on tips aims to alleviate this financial strain and garner support from working-class voters.

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