Two Men Race to Steal FedEx Package in Pennsylvania, Captured on Doorbell Cam

Two Men Race to Steal FedEx Package in Pennsylvania, Captured on Doorbell Cam

A doorbell cam captures two men racing to steal a FedEx package in Pennsylvania. The bizarre incident sees the men competing for the package, revealing the competitive nature of porch piracy.

Pennsylvania, Bollywood Fever: Two men appeared equally eager to be the king of crime hill—at least if this doorbell cam footage is any indication. The video, circulating on social media, seems to show a race to steal the same FedEx package in Pennsylvania.

The footage captures the deliveryman taking a photo of the package and walking away, just as two men jump out of separate vehicles in a bizarre race to the doorstep. The first man exits a white car, while the second man exits a vehicle behind it. The race to the package is on.

Both men reach the package simultaneously, and one of them swipes at the other, possibly with a weapon. The first man grabs the package and declares himself the winner, while the second man picks up a plant pot and chases him, seemingly ready to throw it.

Strangely, both cars then leave the scene together, heading in the same direction. It’s unclear whether this was a coincidence or a staged event.

Kevin Lara, who posted the video and claims to be the homeowner, revealed that the stolen package contained a couple of expensive AT&T phones.

Who knew stealing packages could be such competitive work?

Check out the bizarre race below:

Porch piracy is a growing issue, and this incident underscores the lengths some will go to steal packages. Stay vigilant and consider taking precautions to protect your deliveries.

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