Ukrainian Model to Sue Cannes Film Festival Over Viral Security Guard Altercation

Ukrainian Model to Sue Cannes Film Festival Over Viral Security Guard Altercation

A Ukrainian model says she’s planning to sue the Cannes Film Festival over a now-viral physical encounter with a security guard.

Sawa Pontyjska told BBC News she’s prepared to file a legal complaint against the festival organizers, claiming she was assaulted by a female security guard at the “Marcello Mio” premiere — an incident captured on camera.

Footage of the altercation went viral, especially after the same security guard had a confrontation with Kelly Rowland earlier that day.

The security staffer has been busy, having other viral incidents with K-pop star Yoona and actress Massiel Taveras, facing backlash online for seemingly rushing them off the red carpet and at times, getting handsy.

According to Pontyjska, the female staffer put her in a “bear hug” while she was on top of the Palais des Festivals staircase, claiming she was brutally restrained.

“I was trying to escape from this lock. I went down, and I started to run away on the stairs because it was the way back [out]… She was trying to push me inside so nobody could see what she was doing with me. Then she kicked me out through the back door,” Pontyjska added.

The red carpet clip shows the security guard attempting to drag the model inside the venue, with several ushers intervening as Pontyjska tries to wriggle free.

Besides alleging physical and psychological harm, Pontyjska claims the incident has damaged her reputation and is seeking 100,000 euros in damages. While we haven’t found the lawsuit, Pontyjska reportedly posted photos of the documents on her social account, which now appear to have been removed.

Pontyjska has called on her Instagram followers to help her find “a serious lawyer,” and it seems she might have found one, as some outlets report the suit has been filed.

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