Uri 5th Weekend Box Office Collection Update : Strong Hold

Uri the surgical strike continued its golden run even in its 5th weekend.

Uri collected 5.58cr. on Sunday and total is now 212.78 Monday will decide whether film is chasing 225cr. or 250cr.

If on monday uri collects 2+cr. then movie will have all chances of reaching 250cr. which is with the release of gully boy but not impossible.

Right now uri is collecting more than bahubali in 5th week business which shows how strong movie trending all over India even in overseas

Here Is the Day Wise India nett collection breakup

Day 01 Friday 8.20cr.

Day 02 Saturday 12.43cr.

Day 03 Sunday 15.10cr.

Day 04 Monday 10.51cr.

Day 05 Tuesday 9.57cr.

Day 06 Wednesday 7.73cr.

Day 07 Thursday 7.40 cr.

Day 08 Friday 7.60cr.

Day 09 Saturday 13.24cr.

Day 10 Sunday 17.06cr.

Day 11 Monday 6.80cr.

Day 12 Tuesday 6.30cr.

Day 13 Wednesday 6.0cr.

Day 14 Thursday 5.20cr.

Day 15 Friday 4.40cr.

Day 16 Saturday 9.86cr.

Day 17 Sunday 9.28cr.

Day 18 Monday 3.43cr.

Day 19 Tuesday 3.39cr.

Day 20 Wednesday 3.37cr.

Day 21 Thursday 3.31cr.

Day 22 Friday 3.50cr.

Day 23 Saturday 6.66cr.

Day 24 Sunday 8.92cr.

Day 25 Monday 2.90cr.

Day 26 Tuesday 2.67cr.

Day 27 Wednesday 2.44cr.

Day 28 Thursday 2.19cr.

Day 29 Friday 2.13cr.

Day 30 Saturday 4.60cr.

Day 31 Sunday 5.58cr.

Total 212.78cr. Nett India

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