Vikas Gupta’s Instagram Post About Shehnaaz Gill

Vikas Gupta's Instagram Post About Shehnaaz Gill

Vikas Gupta’s Instagram Post About Shehnaaz Gill

Vikas Gupta wrote a long post on Instagram supporting Shehnaaz Gill

Here it is. he wrote

Everyone has their own way of dealing with grief and hurt.

As we enter this world it’s not just one relationship that you enter into that is your mother but then your father your sibling’s grandparents relatives post which it’s the family you choose Your friends Your mentors.

Sometimes we are closer to our one than our others, friends than siblings love isn’t and shouldn’t be dependent on any basis.

When you lose any loved ones do you stop celebrating love from others?

Losing a family member doesn’t make you have a bite of a cake from your best friend’s birthday party sometimes it’s cause it’s your fav chocolate and you are hungry and sometimes it’s cause you don’t want your friend to feel bad.

Life goes on and it should.

#siddharthshukla isn’t here any more life may not be perfect as it was when he was there for his loved ones and maybe it will take a long time.

Please, remember Our lives are as important as the lives of our loved ones if not more.

The ones who can see #shehnaazgill dancing and smiling don’t really know that this laugh and this coordinated dance isn’t really her.

I called her #khushi for a reason.

She is doing so that she can make her friends smile and can be part of their Happiness as they were there for her loss and difficult times.

And @iamkenferns pis give her more colors for engagements and weddings.
Vikas Gupta's Instagram Post About Shehnaaz Gill

Vikas Gupta’s Instagram Post About Shehnaaz Gill

Shehnaaz Gill fan appreciated the post from Vikas Gupta

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