Vivek On His Meme Controversy

Vivek oberoi’s meme went viral on internet some supported it some opposed it and some people started trolling salman khan for no reason

Womens panel condemned vivek oberoi’s tweet stating “Disrespectful” and now vivek clarified his meme in an interview with ANI.


He said, “Someone forwarded a creative meme to me and I just laughed over it. I did ‘haha’ on it and appreciated the creativity of the maker. I’ve been made fun of in that meme and it’s okay, one should learn to laugh at self. I think these things shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

He asked what’s the problem in that meme? “I’ve also written that it’s nothing political and it’s life. It all happens in life, at a certain point you’re with someone and then people move on. She’s happy, I’m happy, everyone is happy, What’s the problem in it? It’s just a meme and everyone is laughing over it. To take it so seriously and give such a big reaction; those people in the meme have no issue with it, no one wrote about it.”

He took a dig at a recent incident happened in West Bengal over a meme. He said, “All the political leaders stood for this to do politics. These leaders don’t concentrate on serious issues, and just have to put someone behind the bars. There’s didi (Mamata Banerjee) is West Bengal, who has put people in jail over a meme. Now there are people demanding to send me in jail. They couldn’t stop my picture (PM Narendra Modi) from releasing, now they’re doing this. Just tell me what I’ve done wrong? If I’ve done something wrong, I’ll apologise.”

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