What is NGL on Instagram, and How do you set it up?

What is NGL on Instagram, and How do you set it up?

What is NGL on Instagram, and How do you set it up?.

NGL is an app that lets you generate URLs to solicit anonymous followers’ feedback on social media. 

Short for “not gonna lie,” NGL allows your followers to answer or pose questions without revealing their identities. 

However, NGL does give the question asker “hints” about your identity if they pay, so proceed with caution.

NGL says: “Our algorithm can also detect the semantic meaning of emojis and our web scraper pulls specific examples of contextual emoji use,”

NGL says. “This means we stay on trend, we understand lingo, and we know how to filter out the bad stuff.”

Internet users, of course, excel at “the bad stuff,” but you can be the judge at how well NGL handles toxicity (it let me send a “you suck” message to myself).

Here’s how to get started sharing and asking for secrets on Instagram.

What is NGL on Instagram, and How do you set it up?

Where will you get the NGL app?

NGL is not an official Instagram feature; you need to download the NGL: Anonymous Q&A app from the App Store or Google Play. 

Once downloaded, the app will ask for your Instagram username. 

You don’t have to provide your password; you can use any Instagram handle. 

I typed in my personal username as well as PCMag’s, and NGL allowed it.

How to Generate an NGL Link

  • To ask questions, you must generate a link. Open the NGL app, tap Get Questions!, then search for your Instagram username.
  • Once found, tap the copy link button. Open the Instagram app, tap the smiley face icon, select the Link sticker, and drop in your URL.
  • Those who view your Stories will see the NGL link like any other link you drop in.
  • If they click and send you a question or respond to one you posed, their messages will be sent to your NGL inbox.
  • You can also tap the Share! Button in the NGL app to auto-generate a template you can share to your Instagram story in the same way, which is helpful if you’re unsure what to post.
  •  NGL will notify you whenever someone sends a question or response using the link.
  • Check your messages in the NGL app by tapping the Inbox tab at the top of the screen.
  • Within your inbox, messages take the form of unmarked letters.

Opening a letter will present responses from people who clicked your link.

Replying to the message will take you to Instagram, where you can post your response as a Story or as a private message, if you think you know who sent it.

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