Widow Sues Resort After Husband Dies from Electrocution in Hot Tub

Widow Sues Resort After Husband Dies from Electrocution in Hot Tub

Lizzette Zambrano sues Sonoran Sea Resort for $1 million after her husband, Jorge Guillen, dies from electrocution in a hot tub. Read more about the tragic incident and legal battle.

Texas, Bollywood Fever: The widow of a Texas man who died after being electrocuted in a hot tub has revealed his haunting final words.

Jorge Guillen, 43, died while on a family vacation with his wife, Lizzette Zambrano, 35, in Puerto PeƱasco, Mexico. After the couple stepped into a hot tub at the Sonoran Sea Resort, Zambrano said her husband immediately felt an electric shock in the water. “The last thing I remember him saying is ‘oh f***’ – it’s the same time I felt the first electric shock, and it happened over and over and over. I didn’t hear him again,” Zambrano told a news outlet.

“A lot of people jumped in but they kept jumping out because the shocks were so strong,” she added.

Zambrano was pulled from the water without a pulse and taken to a hospital, where she overheard nurses confirming her worst fear: “I could hear them and one of them said ‘her husband didn’t make it.'”

Widow Sues Resort After Husband Dies from Electrocution in Hot Tub

Last week, it was revealed that Zambrano is suing the resort for $1 million. Legal documents state, “Immediately upon entrance into the jacuzzi, Jorge was exposed to an electrical current in the water. Jorge immediately keeled over into the tub and was taken under the surface of the water.”

Zambrano, who was sitting on the pool deck, tried to help her husband but was also shocked and fell into the jacuzzi. The lawsuit alleges that Zambrano was revived after being shocked, but resort staff took 10 minutes to hit the hot tub’s emergency shut-off switch and render aid to Guillen. “Jorge was being electrocuted and drowned underwater for 10 minutes,” the suit claims.

“I want somebody to take accountability for what happened to my husband and myself,” Zambrano told ABC.

Footage taken from one of the resort’s rooms captured the horrifying aftermath of the incident. Eyewitnesses can be seen standing around the hot tub, with one woman performing CPR and others appearing shocked as they tried to render aid.

“There is no reason this should have happened,” Zambrano’s lawyer, Tej Paranjpe, stated. “Hotels and resorts have a duty to ensure guest safety. At no point did resort staff think to engage an emergency shut-off, not to mention warn guests of a faulty, dangerous amenity.”

The lawsuit was filed in El Paso County, Texas, where the couple resided.

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