Wildlife Officers Euthanize Three Coyotes After Attack on 5-Year-Old Girl in San Francisco

Wildlife Officers Euthanize Three Coyotes After Attack on 5-Year-Old Girl in San Francisco

Three coyotes were euthanized by wildlife officers in San Francisco after a coyote attacked a 5-year-old girl at the Botanical Garden. DNA testing is underway to identify the attacker.

San Francisco, Bollywood Fever: Wildlife officers shot and killed three coyotes at the San Francisco Botanical Garden over the weekend following an attack on a 5-year-old girl, authorities reported on Monday. The attack occurred within Golden Gate Park during a supervised summer camp visit, prompting immediate action from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Patrick Foy, spokesperson for the department, confirmed that two coyotes were shot on Saturday and one on Sunday. The girl, who was bitten on Friday, received treatment for her wound at a hospital, where her mother, Helen Sparrow, confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle that her daughter was administered stitches and a rabies vaccine.

Wildlife Officers Euthanize Three Coyotes After Attack on 5-Year-Old Girl in San Francisco

“If a coyote or bear or mountain lion attacks a person, those animals are euthanized, and we conduct a rabies test on them post-mortem and take DNA samples,” Foy explained. Wildlife officers were able to retrieve a DNA sample from the girl’s wound, and scientists are currently working to match the DNA to one of the euthanized coyotes. If none of the samples match, further actions may be necessary, including trapping or euthanizing other coyotes in the park.

The Botanical Garden, which was closed following the attack, reopened on Monday. Sparrow recounted the incident, stating that her daughter had begun to run but tripped, and the coyote bit her on the bum when she was down.

Despite the scare, doctors reassured Sparrow that coyotes rarely test positive for rabies. The situation has raised concerns about wildlife interactions in urban areas and the measures needed to ensure public safety.

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