Xbox Series X/S update makes the start 5 seconds faster

Xbox Series X/S update makes the start 5 seconds faster

Xbox Series X/S update makes the start 5 seconds faster.

A new update for Xbox Series X/S speeds up the consoles’ cold boot time by cutting the length of the startup logo animation.

Five seconds are saved with the launch of a new, faster Xbox logo, which whooshes on and off your screen in around four seconds rather than nine.

Xbox Insiders with access to Microsoft’s most up-to-date Xbox Series X/S system update are able to see the faster boot logo in action now, The Verge noticed.

The change will roll out to all users over time.

It’s worth noting this version of the logo is the one which appears for the consoles’ Energy Saver mode, which fully switches off your console between play sessions.

Xbox Series X/S update makes the start 5 seconds faster
Xbox Series X/S update

Xbox Series X/S update makes the start 5 seconds faster

You won’t see this version of the logo if your console is still set to the more power hungry Standby option, which keeps your Xbox hibernating on low power for a quicker resume.

If you do use Energy Saver – and Microsoft itself has said you should, for environmental reasons – this faster logo cuts the console’s full boot time from around 20 to 15 seconds total. Another good reason to use this if you can!

The quicker times aren’t reserved for Xbox Series X and S either. Last generation Xbox One consoles are starting up faster as well.

The one caveat is that most users probably won’t notice the difference unless they keep their consoles in Energy Saver mode or frequently have reason to turn them off.

Otherwise, the Series X/S will always be in standby mode which it can already come out of in just a few seconds.

Still, it’s the kind of incremental upgrade that goes along with the overall speed of the new generation of gaming hardware.

Fast load times are nice, but faster home screen startup and navigation is even nicer.

Smartphones have trained me to have the attention span of a goldfish, and I deeply appreciate any and all innovations that reduce the friction between me telling a device to do a thing and it actually doing it.

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Xbox Series X/S update Xbox Series X/S update

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