XRP Hits 1-Week High but NEAR Falls Again

XRP Hits 1-Week High but NEAR Falls Again

XRP Hits 1-Week High but NEAR Falls Again

While crypto markets were mainly in the red, XRP was one of Friday’s biggest gainers, climbing by 9%.

Following a low of $0.7106 previously in the session, XRP/USD rallied to an intraday high of $0.7937 as the day progressed.

Today’s high comes after four consecutive days of gains, which have taken XRP to its highest point since April 6.

This week’s run began after a false support level breakout at $0.7115 and has come close to hitting resistance at $0.8000.

Looking at the chart, passing this point could prove to be an issue, as the 14-day RSI indicator is now hovering below its ceiling.

This level of 50 hasn’t been broken in almost two weeks, and should the bull look to move beyond $0.8000, price strength would need to increase.

XRP Hits 1-Week High but NEAR Falls Again

XRP Hits 1-Week High but NEAR Falls Again

NEAR fell for a second successive session

NEAR fell for a second successive session on Friday as price uncertainty continues, following last week’s surge to $20.

Since hitting that point, which was then a four-month high, NEAR has dropped, falling below its key resistance level of $17.

Prices are now consolidating between this resistance and support of $15, with prices today trading at an intraday bottom of $15.73.

Today’s drop in price has also pushed short-term momentum lower, with NEAR now down 15% since last Friday.

The 14-day RSI is now tracking at 56.02, which is its weakest point since March 22, and this comes following a break of its 58.65 floors.

Despite current momentum appearing to be bearish, bulls will likely continue to hold off this onslaught until the $15 support point is broken, opening the door to further shorts.

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