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Yeah Ho Kya Raha Hai

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Hogging limelight, this time the woman has announced her wedding on Instagram — because why should Deepika and PC have all the fun!

If this wasn’t enough rubbish already, the so-called couple has announced that it is going to be a nude wedding, where the bride and groom will not wear any piece of clothing. The wedding destination is Los Angeles. And Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar have already confirmed they would grace their wedding, the couple claims.

So, all in the all, we are laughing at her, but the joke is certainly on all of us.

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Yesterday, she held a press conference where she thanked “MacDonald Trump” for sending her a saree (the one that she’s wearing) and also four charter planes so that the guests won’t have a problem in travelling to Los Angeles, which if you’ve forgotten is their wedding destination.

Want to know about their love story AKA “Lafda”, here them out!

It’s going to be 70 crore marriage, you guys!

For more drama, you can watch the video below!

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