YouTube Daredevil ‘Reckless Ben’ Evades Arrest with Duck Mask Disguise During Tightrope Stunt

YouTube Daredevil 'Reckless Ben' Evades Arrest with Duck Mask Disguise During Tightrope Stunt

YouTube daredevil Ben ‘Reckless Ben’ Schnieder narrowly avoided capture while illegally walking a tightrope between two Los Angeles skyscrapers. In a subsequent attempt, he disguised himself with a duck mask.

The buildings, part of Oceanwide Plaza and known as the Graffiti Towers due to years of vacancy and artistic invasions, provided the stage for Ben’s daring act.

YouTube Daredevil 'Reckless Ben' Evades Arrest with Duck Mask Disguise During Tightrope Stunt

On May 12, Reckless Ben and his friends infiltrated the property, using “Jesus saves” signs to obscure the police’s view. Once inside, they strung nylon straps between two structures for Ben’s tightrope walk.

The police soon noticed the trespassers and began searching for them. Ben evaded capture by hiding in a bathtub covered with plywood for several hours before safely leaving the building.

Worried about arrest and unwilling to halt his stunts, Ben resorted to a duck mask for disguise. “I’m wearing a mask because there’s an active investigation on me right now, and there are police officers right behind me that will definitely arrest me if they see my face,” he told Fox 11 LA.

Addressing the risks of his stunts, Ben explained to KTLA, “Everything’s dangerous. Driving a car is dangerous, but we still drive. The stunt I did was dangerous but I think the reward outweighed the risk because I think we inspired a lot of people.”

“I got to push myself out of my comfort zone. We got to do something scary and inspire the world to go live their best life,” he added.

Ben’s escapades are the latest in a series of viral YouTube stunts. On May 1, 2024, a car-focused creator went viral after crashing his $1.4M McLaren Senna in a video.

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