All About Unique Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Season 1 & 2

All About Sally Bollywood: Super Detective

All About Unique Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Season 1 & 2

Sally Bollywood: Super Detective formally called as Sally Bollywood is an French-Australian animated Children’s comedy television show.

Directed by Jérémie Hoarau and Alexis Ducord created by Emmanuelle Boutet (AKA Pepper Sue) and Elastik Jane.

It features Di Adams, Sarah Aubrey, Eve Morey, Jane U’Brian and Keith Scott.

The series was originally broadcast on France 3 and on Seven Network in Australia.

 Two series have been produced, each consisting of 52 13-minute episodes. Many networks air episodes in pairs, to fill a half-hour time slot.

All About Sally Bollywood: Super Detective

All About Unique Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Season 1 & 2

The series was developed in association with France 3 and Seven Network. It is co-produced by France Télévisions in France and Three’s a Company in Australia, and distributed internationally by Zodiak Entertainment Distribution.

Who is Sally Bollywood

A girl detective.

Sally investigates primarily by asking people questions,

She has purple plum hair.,

She speaks with an Australian accent in the English dub,

She’s also a huge fan of the Fuzzy Frogs,

She lives in Cosmopolis. She is Indian.


Sally Bollywood

Sally Bollywood | Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Wiki | Fandom

Doowee McAdam

Doowee McAdam | Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Wiki | Fandom

Jasmine Gupta

Cindy | Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Wiki | Fandom Jasmine Gupta

Harry Bollywood

Harry Bollywood | Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Wiki | Fandom

Mrs. Apu

Mrs. Apu | Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Wiki | Fandom

All About Unique Sally Bollywood: Super Detective Season 1 & 2

Season 1 Episodes

1“Cockroach Capers”
2“Trapped by the Internet”
3“Talent Will Out”
4“SOS Saris!”
5“Window Pains”
6“Chemical Reaction”
7“Trouble at the Museum”
8“Double Trouble”
9“Don’t Touch My Lucky Charm”
10“Mr. Big”
11“George’s Forced Labour”
12From Bombay with Love
13“The Case of the Missing Cat”
14“Cousin Bouleh”
15“Room with a Curse”
16“Operation Nerd”
17“Bus Stop”
18“Liz’s Secret Diary”
19“The White Bear”
20“The Guardians”
21“The Dating Agency”
22“Go Kart Wars”
23“The Killer Curry”
24“Serial Thief”
25“Cold Case”
26“That’s Rock ‘N’ Roll”
27“The Walls of Cosmopolis”
28“The Delayed Action Chili Pepper”
29“The Attack of the Giant Chicken”
30“Art For Art’s Sake”
31“The S.B.I. Sees Double”
32“Bling Bling”
33“Close Protection”
34“Mrs. Apu’s Old Friend”
35“High School Musical Mystery”
36“The Formidable Miss Chicago”
37“The Midnight Stitch-Up”
38“The Shy Mystery”
39“Halloween Heist”
40“Mr. Big Returns”
41“Doowee’s Luck Runs Out”
42“The Party”
43“The Client in the Clouds”
44“Call My Lawyer”
45“The Stink Bomb”
46“The Egg War”
47“The Fortune Teller”
48“Two Heads are Better than One”
49“Caught Red Handed”
50“The Missing Stamp”
51“Stranger than Fiction”
52“International Day”

Season 02

1Rock n Roll Dad
2Comic Book Caper
3Performing Magic
4New Teacher
5The Sorceress
7Poster boy
8Exchange Student
9The Crystal Guitar
10.Ancient History
11Night At The Museum
12.The Sad Clown Gang
13.Everyone’s Private Eye
14Burglary 2.0
15The Black Sheep
16The Haunted House
17.The Big Stink
18.Storm Clouds over the SBI
19Adventures in Pet Sitting
20Crime flash
21Missing Mobiles
22Eye in the Sky
24Stolen Clothes
25.Singing & Dancing Sally
26.Sally’s Circus
27Camp of Doom
28.A Bird in the Hand
30Serial Treachery
31.Starry Eyed
32Miss Mystery
33.Pyjama Party
34.Sally’s Pen Pal
35.Too Many Cooks
36The White Knight
37.Fangs a Lot
38.Ripped off Rapp
39.Party Pooper
40.Doowee’s Urn
41.Beauty Pageant
42.Ring my Bell
43.Catch Me If You Can
44.The Invincible Rider
45Dinosaur Danger
46New Girl
47All Made Up
48Asphalt Jungle
49Birthday Surprise
51Hot Potatoes
52.Fundraising Felony

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