Car Crash: Carrie Bernans Admitted to Hospital on New Year’s Eve

Carrie Bernans, Marvel Star, Admitted to Hospital on New Year's Eve

Carrie Bernans, Marvel Star, Admitted to Hospital on New Year’s Eve

New footage has surfaced, revealing the perilous incident that led to Marvel actress Carrie Bernans being hospitalized on New Year’s Eve. The disturbing video captures a reckless driver careening through pedestrians and a food truck in Midtown near Madison Square Garden. In the chaotic scene, a black Mercedes speeds towards law enforcement and a food cart, causing panic among onlookers.

Carrie Bernans, Marvel Star, Admitted to Hospital on New Year's Eve

The crash results in the food cart landing on a woman, though it doesn’t seem to be Carrie. Bystanders rush to rescue her from beneath the wreckage. Meanwhile, the heedless driver continues down the street, with the pursuit eventually concluding.

Carrie Bernans’ mother, Patricia, has been keeping fans informed about her daughter’s condition. A photo shared by Patricia depicts Carrie connected to medical equipment in the hospital following the harrowing incident. According to Patricia, Carrie and a friend had stopped at a food truck before the car plowed into it, rendering her unconscious and trapped beneath.

Carrie underwent surgery for her severe injuries, which included chipped teeth and broken bones. The family has been requesting thoughts and prayers as Carrie embarks on the path to recovery. The 44-year-old driver, Mohamed Alaouie, faces attempted murder charges for the incident, which resulted in injuries to nine individuals, including three NYPD officers and Carrie Bernans.

Source: TMZ

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