Digital Euro Association Joins Forces with HBAR Foundation to Enhance Knowledge on CBDCs and Stablecoins

Digital Euro Association

Digital Euro Association Joins Forces with HBAR Foundation to Enhance Knowledge on CBDCs and Stablecoins

Bollywoodfever, February 28: The Digital Euro Association (DEA) has teamed up with the HBAR Foundation in a strategic alliance aimed at deepening their understanding of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins. 

This partnership represents a pivotal development in the realm of digital currencies but does not signify an endorsement of specific beliefs or products by either party.

Advancing DEA’s Insight into CBDCs and Stablecoins

Digital Euro Association

The DEA, a leading think tank focused on CBDCs and the digital euro, announced its collaboration with the HBAR Foundation to bolster its knowledge base around CBDCs and stablecoins.

This partnership is viewed as a landmark event for the digital currency community, poised to advance the objectives of both entities. 

Jonas Gross, the DEA’s chairman, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the HBAR Foundation’s pivotal role in nurturing digital currency ecosystems that mirror the DEA’s vision for the future of finance. 

He emphasized the partnership’s role in promoting secure, efficient, and public-serving digital currency technologies.

Despite the significance of this collaboration, announced on February 26, both organizations clarify that this does not equate to endorsing each other’s ideologies or products.

Shayne Higdon, CEO of the HBAR Foundation, celebrated the partnership as a stride towards realizing a sustainable and innovative digital future. 

He underscored Hedera’s critical role in the digital currency ecosystem’s growth and expressed eagerness to work alongside the DEA to further digital currency advancements.

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