Know About Sketch

Know About Sketch

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  • Background: Began content creation in summer 2023, quickly gaining popularity.
  • Platform Success: Has over 670K Twitch followers, known for the catchphrase “What’s up, brother?”
  • Challenges Overcome: Initially faced backlash, struggles with reading chats due to poor eyesight.
  • Viral Influence: Catchphrases widely used by fans and celebrities, including NFL players and golfers.
  • Content Variety: Streams games like Madden and Rainbow Six Siege, and hosts live football viewings.
  • Engagement: Known for his energetic and humorous streaming style.
Know About Sketch

Know About Sketch. Who is Sketch?

A Twitch streamer named ‘Sketch’ has quickly become a sensation on social media and is even capturing attention in the sports world, notably the NFL. Here’s what you need to know about his meteoric rise to fame.

‘Sketch’ has only been in the content creation game for about a year, starting on TikTok in the summer of 2023 before moving his efforts to Twitch. Despite initial backlash and challenges due to his poor eyesight making it hard to read chat messages, he has rapidly become one of the internet’s standout personalities, now boasting over 670K followers on Twitch.

He’s particularly loved for his amusing quirks and catchphrases. His greeting, “What’s up, brother?” has caught on fire across TikTok, sparking a trend where users encourage women to surprise their boyfriends with the phrase. This particular line gained massive popularity in March after such a TikTok challenge.

Know About Sketch

Sketch clarified in an interview with Bradley Martyn that he does not suffer from any condition but acknowledges a finger ‘tic’ when he’s excited, describing himself as “very anxious.”

His camaraderie with Jynxzi, another rising Twitch star, has also highlighted his streaming career. A clip of them chatting over Facetime became a viral sensation, helping to popularize the “what’s up brother” trend further.

Sketch’s passion for football has resonated with major NFL players, who have created videos echoing his well-known catchphrases. The NFL’s official TikTok account even featured a clip from one of his streams, showcasing his famous line: “Special teams, special plays, special players.”

His influence has crossed over to other sports as well, evidenced when pro golfer Bryson DeChambeau used Sketch’s “thank you brother” line during his celebration at the 2024 Masters Tournament.

Known for streaming a variety of games including Madden, Rainbow Six Siege, and Fall Guys, Sketch also enjoys live-streaming football games with his audience. His animated reactions, like the time he mimed being a dog and “urinated” on a rival team’s mascot, have become viral hits.

Sketch’s blend of a vibrant personality, comedic expressions, and engaging live streams has endeared him to a broad audience, making him a beloved figure on the internet. Many of his fans believe that his rise to fame was well-deserved, celebrating him as the right person to gain such recognition.

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