Faustino Oro The Messi of chess, defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

Faustino Oro The Messi of chess, defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

Faustino Oro The Messi of chess, defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

Faustino Oro The Messi of chess

In a stunning display of skill at the 2024 Bullet Brawl, Argentine chess prodigy Faustino Oro clinched a remarkable victory against the world’s top-ranked Grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen, adding another prestigious win to his record after beating Grandmasters Daniel Naroditsky and Hikaru Nakamura.

On the evening of March 23rd, the chess world watched in awe as the 10-year-old sensation outmaneuvered Carlsen in a rapid-paced match. 

Faustino Oro The Messi of chess, defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

Seizing upon a critical error by Carlsen to trap his knight, Oro compelled the Norwegian chess titan to concede defeat in a high-stakes bullet game that concluded in just 38 seconds over 48 moves, earning him the nickname “Messi of Chess” from his fans. 

At a pivotal moment in the game, Oro remarked, “If I lose from this position, I can retire from chess.”

Broadcasting live on his YouTube channel, Oro skillfully navigated through the competition until facing off against Carlsen, the pinnacle challenge of the tournament. 

Bullet chess, characterized by its brisk pace where each player is allotted only one minute on the clock without additional time, demands rapid strategy and sharp focus. The tournament’s format is straightforward: players are matched randomly in an online setting, striving to secure as many wins as possible within two hours, with the highest scorer emerging victorious.

Despite a field teeming with grandmasters, including bullet chess aficionado GM Hikaru Nakamura who ultimately secured the tournament’s top spot, Oro’s sensational triumph over Carlsen has captivated the chess community. 

Finishing 21st out of 156 competitors with a score of 108 points, Oro’s victory against the world champion has spotlighted his exceptional talent and strategic prowess.

Faustino Oro The Messi of chess, defeats World No.1 Magnus Carlsen

More about The Messi Of Chess

The prodigy famously dubbed as the “Messi of chess” began his chess journey amidst the pandemic, swiftly ascending to become the youngest player ever to surpass a 2300 FIDE rating. Furthermore, his achievements include securing a norm towards becoming an International Master, a remarkable feat within just a three-year span.

Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura hailed him as “the most talented junior in the world at the moment.” Oro first captured the chess community’s attention at the World Rapid Chess Championship in 2023, where, despite his youth, he impressively held his ground against seasoned grandmasters. His performance included two draws and a stunning victory over Russian Grandmaster Denis Khismatullin.

Both Daniel Naroditsky and Hikaru Nakamura have experienced defeats by the young chess sensation, who is only ten years old. Oro is celebrated for his aggressive playing style and his “play to win” approach. The Argentine ‘golden boy’ and his family moved to Barcelona, Spain, aiming to further his burgeoning chess career and achieve his global ambitions in the sport.

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