Is Cardi B related to GloRilla? Revealed

Is Cardi B related to GloRilla? Revealed

Cardi B has disclosed a surprising family connection to GloRilla during a recent interview.

Cardi B Unveils Family Ties to GloRilla

In a conversation aired on Big Boy TV on Thursday (March 14), while discussing her highly anticipated new album, Cardi B shared an unexpected personal detail about her family, revealing her relation to GloRilla.

“A lot of people don’t know this, this is a true story,” Cardi B disclosed. “My grandfather… I don’t like to put my family business, like, but he used to push weight and everything. And there was like this one time that like, he lived in Tennessee or whatever. So, he ain’t really told my grandma that he was dealing with somebody over there. Then, he had like a kid out there. You know, that’s GloRilla’s dad and everything, so that’s what’s makes us related.”

Is Cardi B related to GloRilla? Revealed

GloRilla’s Connection to Lil Uzi Vert

This revelation from Cardi B follows GloRilla’s own disclosure about her familial ties to Lil Uzi Vert. During an appearance on the Past Your Bedtime podcast with host Fannita Leggett last month, GloRilla mentioned her relationship with Uzi.

“That’s my cousin,” Glo stated, confirming their kinship when inquired about potential collaborations. “That’s my real cousin.”

When probed about why they haven’t collaborated on music yet, GloRilla explained, “We actually working on it. We gon’ get it together. We never started on a song, we gotta get it together. That’s my cousin, though.”

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