Jerry Seinfeld Criticizes Political Correctness in TV Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld Criticizes Political Correctness in TV Comedy

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld recently voiced his concerns about what he perceives as an excessive focus on political correctness by “the extreme left,” which he believes is stifling humor in television comedies.

Jerry Seinfeld Criticizes Political Correctness in TV Comedy

Known for his own brand of humor on the iconic show “Seinfeld,” which was the highest-viewed comedy in 1998, Seinfeld compared the current landscape of TV comedy to its past glory.

“People always need [comedy],” he remarked on The New Yorker’s Radio Hour. “They don’t get it.”

He went on to lament the current lack of quality comedic content, contrasting it with the past when viewers could reliably tune in to shows like “Cheers,” “M.A.S.H.,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and “All in the Family” for a good laugh.

Seinfeld attributed this decline in humor to what he sees as the impact of political correctness and excessive regulation in comedy writing. He criticized the process by which scripts undergo numerous revisions and approvals, suggesting that this leads to bland and overly cautious content.

He emphasized the importance of comedians being able to adapt to societal changes and push boundaries creatively. Seinfeld acknowledged the growing popularity of stand-up comedy, noting that stand-up comedians have more freedom to take risks because they bear full responsibility for the success or failure of their material.

Overall, Seinfeld’s comments reflect a concern that the current cultural climate is inhibiting the creativity and spontaneity that are essential to great comedy.

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