Leonardo DiCaprio All Movies List and Box Office Collection Exclusive

Leonardo DiCaprio All Movies List and Box Office Collection Exclusive

Leonardo DiCaprio All Movies List and Box Office Collection Exclusive. Release Dates. Learn More

Leonardo DiCaprio is an American Producer Actor born on 11 November 1974, He is known for making Biopics and period films.

Leonardo is one of the highest-paid actor in the world. he got his first major role in The Boy’s Life in 1993, in 2016 he was listed in 100 Most Influential People In The World

His life and career changed after the super success of the 1997 film Titanic, which was one of the highest earned films in the world.

Titanic grossed over 2 Billion worldwide in 1997 after that Catch Me If You Can in 2002 earned 350 Million worldwide,

Leonardo DiCaprio All Movies List and Box Office Collection Exclusive

Leonardo DiCaprio All Movies List and Box Office Collection Exclusive

Leonardo DiCaprio As Producer

Sl NoYearTitleCredit
12004The AviatorExecutive producer
22004The Assassination of Richard NixonExecutive producer
32007The 11th HourProducer
42007Gardener of EdenProducer
62011Red Riding HoodProducer
72011The Ides of MarchExecutive producer
82013Runner RunnerProducer
92013Out of the FurnaceProducer
102013The Wolf of Wall StreetProducer
112014VirungaExecutive producer
122015Catching the SunExecutive producer
132015CowspiracyExecutive producer
142016The Ivory GameExecutive producer
152016Before the FloodProducer
162016Live by NightProducer
182018Robin HoodProducer
192018Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of SzukalskiProducer
202019Richard JewellProducer

Leonardo DiCaprio As Actor

Sl NoFilmRelease DateBudget US BO Collection $WW BO Collection $
29Once Upon a Time in Hollywood26-Jul-1990 M142.50 M374.43 M
28The Revenant25-Dec-15135 M183.63 M532.95 M
27The Wolf of Wall Street25-Dec-13100 M116.9 M392 M
26The Great Gatsby10-May-13190 M144.84 M353.64 M
25Django Unchained25-Dec-12100 M162.80 M425.36 M
24J. Edgar9-Nov-1135 M37.30 M84.92 M
23Inception16-Jul-10160 M292.57 M829.89 M
22Hubble19-Mar-10 52.52 M74.29M
21Shutter Island19-Feb-1080 M128 M294.4 M
20Revolutionary Road15-Dec-0835 M22.91 M75.9 M
19Body of Lies10-Oct-0870 M39.39 M115.9 M
18The 11th Hour17-Aug-07 707K985K
17Blood Diamond8-Dec-06100 M57.37 M171.72 M
16The Departed6-Oct-0690 M132.38 M291.46 M
15The Aviator25-Dec-04110 M102.61 M213.71 M
14Gangs of New York20-Dec-02100 M77.84 M193.77 M
13Catch Me If You Can25-Dec-0252 M164.61 M352.11 M
12The Beach11-Feb-0050 M39.78 M144.05 M
11Celebrity20-Nov-9812 M5.07 M5.07 M
10The Man in the Iron Mask13-Mar-9835 M56.96 M182.96 M
9Titanic19-Dec-97200 M659.3 M2.19 B
8Marvin’s Room18-Dec-9623 M12.8M12.8M
7Romeo + Juliet1-Nov-9614.5 M46.35 M151.8 M
6Total Eclipse3-Nov-95 340 K340 K
5The Quick and the Dead10-Feb-9532 M18.6 M18.6 M
4The Basketball Diaries27-Jan-95 2.38 M2.38 M
3What’s Eating Gilbert Grape17-Dec-9311 M10.32 M10.32 M
2This Boy’s Life9-Apr-93 4.1 M4.1 M
1Poison Ivy8-May-923 M1.82 M1.82 M

Disclaimer: The Box Office Data are compiled from various sources and by our own research. These data can be approximate and Bollywood fever does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data.

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