Lesbian Couple Brutally Attacked by Mob in Halifax During Pride Month Celebration

Lesbian Couple Brutally Attacked by Mob in Halifax During Pride Month Celebration

A lesbian couple celebrating a birthday in downtown Halifax was brutally beaten by a group of men, leaving one woman with serious injuries. Police are investigating the incident.

Bollywood Fever: Terrifying video shows the moment a mob of men brutally beat a lesbian couple who were out celebrating one of their birthdays.

Emma MacLean recounted that she and her girlfriend, identified only as ‘Tori,’ were walking in downtown Halifax, Canada, on June 22 when they encountered a group of about 10 men. The couple believes the men to be of Middle Eastern descent and from Syria.

Lesbian Couple Brutally Attacked by Mob in Halifax During Pride Month Celebration

As they passed by, one of the men allegedly made a rude comment about MacLean, prompting her girlfriend to stand up for her. “My girlfriend, Tori, said ‘Hey that’s my girlfriend,'” MacLean told CTV News.

MacLean explained that her girlfriend became upset by the slur and tried to confront the men. “They continued walking, and then Tori followed them to basically verbally be like ‘That is not OK,'” MacLean said.

That’s when the group allegedly started to beat Tori. “I see Tori being pushed on the stairs right in front of the BMO Centre, and they are cement stairs, and she’s on her back – that’s when all the men started punching and kicking her,” MacLean recounted.

Initially, MacLean yelled at the men to stop, but they ignored her and continued their assault. She then decided to try to protect Tori. “The fight-or-flight came in,” MacLean explained, saying she “basically jumped on one of their backs and put them in a chokehold – trying to restrain them.”

The video shows the group kicking one of the women, who lay on the ground surrounded by her attackers, while the other struggled to break free from another man’s clutches. Eventually, a bystander alerted police patrolling the area nearby, but by then, MacLean said the fight had already ended.

Lesbian Couple Brutally Attacked by Mob in Halifax During Pride Month Celebration

Officers spoke with one of the men involved in the assault, who blamed the fight on the two women. The other men involved refused to cooperate with police or give their IDs, MacLean said. Police told CTV News they are still investigating the incident, and no charges have been brought against the assailants.

Meanwhile, MacLean said Tori suffered bruises all over her body and had a chipped tooth, a broken nose, and additional bruises. Recounting the incident, she said she “felt punches and kicks and then I felt it on my nose and there was blood. I just thought ‘This needs to stop now,'” she told CTV News, noting that her nose was originally too swollen for surgery.

“I’m terrified to go downtown again in Halifax,” MacLean added. “I just feel like it’s so out of control on what could happen. It’s overwhelming. I didn’t expect something like this to happen, especially with it happening during Pride Month as well.”

MacLean has shared photos of the men from the night of the attack and said, “If anyone has any further information or had witnessed this event, or has personal video footage, I would be extremely grateful if you could share it.”

“Stay safe and happy Pride month,” she wrote.

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