Nick Viall Addresses Cheating Rumors Surrounding Wife Natalie Joy on The Lady Gang Podcast

Nick Viall Addresses Cheating Rumors Surrounding Wife Natalie Joy on The Lady Gang Podcast

Nick Viall responds to cheating rumors involving his wife Natalie Joy and Harry Jowsey on The Lady Gang podcast, emphasizing his focus on mental health and relationship communication.

Bollywood Fever: Rumors that Natalie Joy cheated on Nick Viall resurfaced when Harry Jowsey alleged she had an affair on Instagram. Nick Viall has something to say to online haters and Reddit trolls.

The former Bachelor, 43, addressed Reddit speculation that his now-wife, Natalie Joy, 25, cheated on him shortly after they got engaged on Tuesday’s episode of The Lady Gang podcast. Rumors of an affair began in May but gained traction when Harry Jowsey mentioned the alleged affair in an Instagram comment.

Nick Viall Addresses Cheating Rumors Surrounding Wife Natalie Joy on The Lady Gang Podcast

In response to an Instagram comment posted on Tuesday saying Jowsey was “getting roasted” by Viall, the Perfect Match villain responded, “he can’t keep my d*** out of his mouth 😂 50 year old man gossiping about people in their 20’s dating, he should be more focused on his wife cheating on him and repairing that then worrying about me 😂😂.”

“I don’t go on. I disconnect,” Viall told podcast hosts Keltie Knight and Becca Tobin about how he deals with online rumors. Host Jac Vanek was out sick for this episode.

Nick Viall Addresses Cheating Rumors Surrounding Wife Natalie Joy on The Lady Gang Podcast

He continued to address the “insane Reddits,” saying, “I’m really good at protecting my mental health and the mental health of my family. And I mean it when I say it, like, I’ve always liked to work. I’ve enjoyed work. Like the more I build the show, the less famous I want to be. I mean that.”

Viall hosts a hit podcast called The Viall Files.

“It’s just like, I like being successful, I’ve chosen this lane,” he said. “I remember coming off The Bachelor and doing my thing on social media and it was like, you know what, people- I’m getting less and less criticism, and people are kind of seeing me more as a human, not the villain. I was like, ‘Man, this is nice.’ People who would really not like me in the past are like, ‘He’s a fine guy.'”

But when Viall started sharing hot takes on The Viall Files, the attitude toward him changed.

The rumors allege that Joy cheated on Viall during a trip to Paris for Paris Fashion Week in early 2023, just months after their engagement.

“I just stay offline. I disconnect. I don’t read comments,” Viall reiterated, adding that he actively stays off of Reddit.

Viall also discussed how his wife being an occasional co-host on the show has put a target on her back.

“It is what it is,” he said of people coming for their relationship.

He noted, “You can never have thick enough skin to handle whatever rumors that are about you. I am aware of a ton of rumors about me and I know that I’m unaware of 90 percent more because I don’t f**king read it.”

There has been no truth confirmed about the cheating rumors. Viall said his relationship with Joy isn’t perfect, but it’s “fun” working with her. They do couples therapy and are “big communicators.”

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