Nintendo Switch Sales Exceed 111 Million

Nintendo Switch Sales Exceed 111 Million.


Nintendo’s latest financial report for Q1 2023 (April – June 2022) has been published, and the Switch has just exceeded 111 million units sold.

However, as with last quarter, there’s been a drop in year-on-year sales.


Citing the ongoing semiconductor shortage– and comparing this quarter’s major releases to the same quarter last year (and Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s huge sales back then)– Nintendo reports a drop of 22% in the most recent quarter.

Despite this, the company states that demand for the console is stable in all regions, and the outlook is looking a bit better in terms of semiconductors. Also Read, How To Get House Of Fun Free Coins and Spins 2022

Nintendo believes that the situation will be gradually improving from late summer to early autumn, which should boost console production nicely.


The console still sold 3.43 million units, with four titles selling over one million units each this quarter– Nintendo Switch Sports (4.84 million), Mario Strikers: Battle League (1.91 million), Kirby and the Forgotten Land (1.88 million) and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (1.48 million)– helping to boost the numbers.

Nintendo Switch Sales Exceed 111 Million
Nintendo Switch Sales Exceed 111 Million

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Nintendo Switch Sales Exceed 111 Million

Let’s break that 3.43 million down a bit more:

  • Total Standard Switch sales this period: 1.32 million
  • Total Switch OLED sales this period: 1.52 million
  • Total Switch Lite sales this period: 0.59 million

The Switch is ever so slowly creeping up on the Game Boy’s sales, which sit at 118.69 million units. It’s fairly likely the console will overtake the blocky handheld in the next financial year or so, which will be pretty incredible!

Here’s how the console sales currently stack up

ConsoleTotal Sales
DS154.02 Million
Game Boy118.69 Million
Switch111.08 Million
Wii101.63 Million
Game Boy Advance81.51 Million
3DS75.94 Million
Family Computer / NES61.91 Million
Super Family Computer / SNES49.10 Million
N6432.93 Million
GameCube21.74 Million
Wii U13.56 Million
Nintendo Switch Sales Nintendo Switch Sales

The Kyoto-based gaming company said it expected procurement to improve “from late summer towards autumn” and maintained its projection to sell 21 million units in the year through end-March 2023. Also Read, 25 Best Upgrade strategy Android Games List 2022

“Demand remains stable in all areas,” Nintendo said in a presentation. Nintendo, the company behind “Super Mario”, sold 3.43 million units of its Switch console in the quarter, downward from 4.45 million a year earlier.

It sold 23.06 million units last year. It forecasts the second annual sales decline for its hybrid home/portable Switch device, which is in its sixth year on the market.

The company last October launched an upgraded Switch model with an OLED screen to drive interest in the system.

First-quarter software sales went down by 8.6% to 41.4 million units, while operating profit fell 15% to 101.6 billion yen ($763 million), below analyst estimates. Also Read, 15 Best Medieval Android iOS Games 2022

Nintendo booked a 51.7 billion yen foreign exchange gain from the weaker yen. Investors are gauging the unwinding of a gaming boom among consumers who had been stuck at home during pandemic lockdowns.

Sony (NYSE: SONY) Group Corp last week reported a 15% drop in PlayStation user engagement compared to a year earlier. “Gaming is now bigger than ever, and a certain part of users stay on, but the party is certainly now over,” said Serkan Toto, founder of game industry consultancy Kantan Games.

Upcoming Nintendo games to support demand into the year-end shopping season include “Splatoon 3”, which will be released in September, and “Pokemon Scarlet and Violet” in November.

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Nintendo Switch Sales

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Nintendo Switch Sales

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