Patagonia Requires Remote Workers to Relocate or Leave

Patagonia Requires Remote Workers to Relocate or Leave

Patagonia shifts its customer service team to a hub-based model, asking remote workers to move within 60 miles of specific cities or consider leaving, part of efforts to strengthen company culture post-pandemic disruption.

Bollywood Fever: Patagonia has informed 90 remote workers in its customer service team that they must either relocate closer to one of the company’s seven hubs or depart from their roles.

According to a report by Business Insider, Patagonia’s customer service employees, who have been predominantly working remotely since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, were given until Friday to decide on relocating no more than 60 miles from Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Reno, or Salt Lake City.

The California-based outdoor clothing retailer has been piloting these “hubs” in the aforementioned cities over the past year, aiming to centralize operations and enhance service delivery, explained Patagonia spokesperson J.J. Huggins to FOX Business.

Huggins noted that most team members are already situated near Reno, where one of the hubs is located.

Patagonia is providing flexibility to employees who require more time to consider their relocation options, with a deadline set for September 30 for those agreeing to move. The company is also offering a $4,000 stipend to facilitate the relocation process.

Patagonia Requires Remote Workers to Relocate or Leave

The shift to hub-based work environments is part of Patagonia’s broader initiative to rejuvenate its company culture following the disruptions caused by the pandemic. Huggins emphasized that these hubs will not only improve operational efficiency but also integrate the customer service team more closely into Patagonia’s overall corporate culture and activities, including its retail presence.

As of now, Patagonia has not determined how many of the 90 affected employees will relocate or choose to leave the company, as the situation remains dynamic, Huggins stated. Some employees have already opted to relocate immediately, while others have indicated their decision to decline the offer.

According to Business Insider, one employee who opted not to relocate described the severance packages offered by Patagonia as generous, encompassing wages, bonuses, healthcare benefits, a technology stipend, and career support.

The customer service team, comprising approximately 8% of Patagonia’s global workforce of around 3,000 employees, has reportedly been overstaffed for some time, as noted in the Business Insider report.

Patagonia operates more than 70 retail locations worldwide and maintains offices in several countries, underscoring its global footprint in the outdoor apparel market.

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