PUBG PS4 Price In India: Check Out If You Are New To The Game

PUBG for PS4’s release date is now strongly believed by the gaming community in India to be December 7. At this juncture, the game is also up for pre-orders in India. However, if you are an early adapter of PUBG, then it becomes imminent that you are informed about the game’s pricing in case you are desirous of purchasing the action-adventure title to play on your Sony PS4 consoles.

If you are new, the digital edition of the game is reportedly up for preordering. As per a PC Magazine report, PUBG loyalists could check out the game that would be released in three variants viz Champion’s Edition, Looters, and Survivor’s variant respectively. Apparently, pricing of these variants is INR 4000,and INR 2750.

You should also be able to pre-order these now, before the game’s PS4 variant releases in December. As far as value additions are concerned, the PUBG Survivor variant also comes with the Vikendi Event Pass, along with 20000 BP, 2300 G-Coins and certain customized skins.

Gamers, purchasing the Champion variant also get the Vikendi Pass, plus 20000 BP and 6000G-Coins. This is also inclusive of multiple custom skins.


Both the above games are inclusive of the base game obviously. On the other hand, the Looters edition comes with the base game and a few custom skins; without the Vikendi pass.

Also, as far as Vikendi is concerned, a new snow map is also rumoured to hit PUBG simultaneously during the launch of the PS4 variant of the game. In related developments, SOny is also said to be prepping up to showcase a next-gen PlayStation console, speculated to be the Playstation 5 (PS5) in 2019, followed by its release during 2020. The Japan-based company has its annual PlayStation X (PSX) event in 2019; Sony has also already confirmed that it would skip E3 2019 where Microsoft would be participating and would have “lots to share” with gamers.


Do let us know your thoughts on PUBG for PS4, PS5, and E3 2019. Social forums are now filled with “loyalist expectations” with respect to SOny PlayStation consoles.

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