Remi Bader Shares Transformative Wellness Journey: From Ozempic to Fitness Focus

Remi Bader Shares Transformative Wellness Journey From Ozempic to Fitness Focus

Remi Bader is opening up about her wellness journey, sharing a before-and-after video showcasing her body’s transformation since adopting a new fitness routine. A year after revealing her decision to stop using the drug Ozempic for weight loss, the TikTok star emphasized the importance of mental, emotional, and physical strength in her Instagram post on May 21.

Remi Bader Shares Transformative Wellness Journey From Ozempic to Fitness Focus

“The difference of a few months focusing on my mental, emotional, and physical strength,” Remi captioned the video.

The video contrasts her initial struggle with pull-ups at the gym with her current ability to perform them effortlessly, symbolizing her progress. In her message, the 28-year-old emphasized that her journey is not about weight or appearance but about prioritizing herself and rediscovering her identity.

Remi’s journey with Ozempic began when she was prescribed the drug for being pre-diabetic and insulin resistant. Despite initial fear and mixed feelings, she decided to try it. However, after experiencing negative effects on her health, she stopped using it. This led to a cycle of unhealthy eating habits and weight gain.

Remi Bader Shares Transformative Wellness Journey From Ozempic to Fitness Focus

“I saw a doctor, and they were like, ‘It’s 100 percent because you went on Ozempic,'” Remi shared on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast in January 2023. “It was making me think I wasn’t hungry for so long. I lost some weight. I didn’t want to be obsessed with being on it long term. I was like, ‘I bet the second I got off I’m going to get starving again.’ I did, and my binging got so much worse.”

Reflecting on her experience, Remi stated, “So, I kind of blamed Ozempic.”

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