Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Celebrate Super Bowl Win

Travis Kelce's Foundation Contributes $100,000 to Support Victims of Kansas City Shooting

The Kansas City Chiefs clinched their third Super Bowl victory in the last five seasons with a thrilling overtime triumph over the San Francisco 49ers, securing a 25-22 victory on Sunday. While many NFL players may never taste championship glory throughout their careers, one of Kansas City’s recent additions emerged victorious in just her 13th game.

Travis Kelce's Foundation Contributes $100,000 to Support Victims of Kansas City Shooting

Taylor Swift, known for her relationship with star tight end Travis Kelce, injected a fresh energy into the NFL scene throughout the season, captivating a broader audience and evoking strong reactions, both positive and negative, among fans. True to form, she was present at the stadium, passionately cheering on Kelce and the Chiefs as they staged a remarkable comeback.

Post-game, Ms. Swift joined Donna Kelce and other members of the Kansas City community on the field to revel in the victory, while Kelce delivered a truly memorable rendition of “Viva Las Vegas.”

Later, she sought out Kelce to share in the celebration after his speech.

“It was unbelievable,” she said to him in a video shot on the field after the game. “It was one of the craziest things I’ve ever experienced.”

As you may know, Ms. Swift is adept at keeping secrets. Beyond her concert dates, her plans are seldom revealed in advance. This tendency has prompted some to devise their own strategies for deciphering her whereabouts.

For example, prior to the Chiefs playing the Jets in October, an NBC producer mentioned employing a spotter plane to scour the vicinity around MetLife Stadium for police escorts, hoping to alert the television crew if she made an appearance (which she did). While New Jersey online casinos weren’t taking bets on whether or not Swift showed up, perhaps they could have given the level of interest in the pop star’s presence.

Kelce found himself fielding numerous inquiries about Swift last week. While he acknowledged having heard some tracks from her upcoming album — spoiler alert: he’s a fan — he remained tight-lipped about whether she would attend the game.

However, she made it to Allegiant Stadium on Sunday afternoon just in time for the game. She navigated the stadium tunnels clad in a black top and pants, casually draping a red jacket over her shoulder. Notably, she adorned herself with a custom diamond and gold necklace by Stephanie Gottlieb, featuring Kelce’s No. 87, before making her way to the luxury suites.

While the CBS broadcast initially spared her much attention during a subdued first half for both Kelce and Kansas City, she became a regular feature as the team orchestrated a stunning comeback with Kelce delivering several pivotal plays in the fourth quarter and overtime.

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Wasn’t She in Tokyo the Night Before?

Indeed, she was. Her Eras Tour had recently resumed, and the previous night in Tokyo, she treated her audience at a sold-out concert to yet another marathon performance featuring her extensive catalog of songs. Given that flights from Tokyo to Las Vegas often span 13 hours or more, and considering the necessity of rest for humans, concerns arose regarding her attendance at the game.

However, the Japanese Embassy in Washington assured that timing posed no real obstacle for Swift. Plus, a private jet significantly shortens the travel time (and offers a peaceful place to rest if needed). Equally important, the international date line worked in her favor.

Who Did She Sit With?

Throughout the regular season, Swift was a familiar face at numerous Chiefs games, often occupying a luxury suite hosted by Kansas City quarterback Patrick Mahomes. She swiftly forged a bond with Mahomes’s wife, Brittany, and frequently mingled with other members of the Mahomes clan.

Additionally, she enjoyed game time with Kelce’s parents, Donna and Ed, and even brought her own family—father, mother, and brother—to one game on Christmas. During a Chiefs-Jets matchup in New Jersey in early October, she shared the company of friends, including actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

At a playoff game in Buffalo the previous month, she and Kylie Kelce were captured reacting to Jason Kelce’s exuberant antics and engaging with the crowd.

During the AFC championship game in Baltimore, she was encircled by Kelce’s relatives and associates, including Donna and Ed Kelce, Jason and Kylie Kelce, and Kelce’s managers, Aaron and André Eanes. Among her own friends in attendance were actress Keleigh Teller and model Cara Delevingne.

For the Super Bowl, the guest list remained familiar, including the Kelces, the Eanes brothers, and Lively. Notable additions to the cohort included rapper Ice Spice and singer Lana Del Rey.

Why the Big Fuss?

“The attention is there because the audience wants to see it,” Jason Kelce said in an interview during the days leading up to the Super Bowl. “If people didn’t want to see it they wouldn’t be showing it.”

As Swift stated, “a few dads, Brads, and Chads” might grumble, but the television networks are reveling in it. An analysis of ratings by The Upshot suggested that she might indeed be a driving force behind the league’s growing viewership.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has consistently expressed his delight in having her presence. There is also little doubt that the NFL is benefiting from an unforeseen expansion of its audience base, as Swifties have warmly embraced her affiliation with the league.

“N.F.L. fans come in all types — even global sensations,” said Alex Riethmiller, an NFL spokesman. “We’re glad to have Taylor on board.”


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