Tragic Tanker Truck Fire on COLORADO I-70 Captured in Harrowing Video

Tragic Tanker Truck Fire on COLORADO I-70 Captured in Harrowing Video

A tragic incident unfolded on a Colorado freeway as a tanker truck burst into flames, resulting in one fatality. Footage capturing the harrowing moment, including a vehicle driving through the blazing inferno.

The video depicts the aftermath of a fiery collision along I-70 just outside Denver on Thursday morning. The tanker had pulled over due to overheating when it was struck by another driver, triggering the catastrophic event.

According to state officials, a vehicle behind the tanker collided with it, causing a massive explosion that engulfed the entire vehicle in flames. The footage captures the chaotic scene seconds after the crash, moments before the fire spreads to the rest of the freeway. Despite the danger, the driver from the dashcam footage drives through the flames, visibly shaken by the experience.

The intense situation took everyone by surprise, leaving little time for reactions or evasive maneuvers. Fortunately, the driver made it through safely. However, the vehicle in front, which also traversed the inferno, appeared to have sustained damage from lingering fire on its tire.

As the fire grew, videos of the accident circulated, showing flames spreading to grassy areas beside the freeway and generating towering plumes of smoke. The blaze was so substantial that parts of I-70 had to be closed for much of the day.

Tragically, the driver who collided with the truck did not survive. The tanker driver was hospitalized with injuries that were not life-threatening. The cause of the crash is under investigation, and cleanup efforts continued well into the afternoon.

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