What’s Today’s ‘Contexto’ Answer? for November 6th

Contexto can sometimes throw challenging words your way, and losing your streak over an obscure word can seem a bit unfair. If you’re facing a word that’s got you stumped and you’re determined to maintain your streak, here’s a tip:

What's Today's 'Contexto' Answer

As of Sunday, November 6th, 2023, the Contexto answer is ‘Smartphone.’

If you’re curious about how I cracked today’s game, here’s the breakdown:

Today’s ‘Contexto’ game was exceptional for me. I made impressive progress, narrowing it down to just 32 possibilities within the first eight words. Then, I boldly guessed six more words, and to my delight, I hit the nail on the head with the correct answer in just 15 tries. Today’s performance outshone yesterday’s, and I’m eagerly looking forward to what tomorrow’s challenge will bring.

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