Anri Okita Bra Size and Body Measurements

Anri Okita Bra Size and Body Measurements

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Key InformationDetails
Full NameAnri Okita
BirthdateOctober 28, 1986
BirthplaceBirmingham, England, United Kingdom
Height5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight57 kilograms (125 lbs.)
Body Measurements40-24-35 inches (101.6-61-88.9 cm)
Bra Size34K
Early LifeMoved to Japan at the age of eight
Interests during TeensDeveloped an interest in adult videos (AV)
Favorite AV IdolSaori Hara
College Years in EnglandPursued art studies while starting her modeling career
Entry into AV IndustryStarted her adult film career at the age of 24
Debut Adult Film“1,000,000 Yen Body Best of All – Anri Okita” (2011)
Career MilestoneExclusive performer at S1 No. 1 Style for two years
Anri Okita Bra Size and Body Measurements
Anri Okita Bra Size and Body Measurements


Anri Okita, a multi-talented artist, originally hailing from England, is known for her roles as an actress, singer, songwriter, and her earlier career as an adult film actress. She was born on October 28, 1986, in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom.

When she was eight years old, Okita and her family relocated to Japan, where her journey into various forms of entertainment began. During her teenage years, she developed an interest in adult videos (AV), with Saori Hara, a Japanese-German AV idol, becoming her favorite performer.

While studying art in England during her college years, Anri Okita also ventured into the world of modeling and became a gravure idol before her debut in the AV industry. At the age of 24, in 2011, she made her entry into the adult film world.

Her debut adult film, titled “1,000,000 Yen Body Best of All – Anri Okita,” was released on February 7, 2011, at the renowned AV studio, S1 No. 1 Style. Over the next two years, Okita remained an exclusive performer at S1, making appearances in twenty adult films with the studio, solidifying her position as a significant newcomer in the AV landscape.

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Anri Okita Bra Size and Body Measurements

Anri Okita, the captivating and alluring individual, stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm). Her grace is complemented by a weight of 57 kilograms (125 lbs.), making her presence truly enchanting. 

Let’s delve into her striking body measurements, which are a testament to her exquisite beauty: her hourglass figure boasts dimensions of 40-24-35 inches (101.6-61-88.9 cm), with a remarkable bust size of 40 inches (101.6 cm).

To provide the perfect support, Anri Okita wears a bra size of 34K, ensuring that her natural beauty shines through. Her cup size, fittingly, is K, making her a symbol of elegance and allure. Her waist, measuring at 24 inches (61 cm), emphasizes her curvaceous figure, while her hips, measuring 35 inches (88.9 cm), add an irresistible touch to her overall appeal.

Anri’s fashion sense is nothing short of impressive, with a dress size of 7 in the US. When it comes to footwear, she steps into a size 6 US shoe, always striding with style and confidence. Her striking black hair frames her face, providing a mesmerizing contrast to her captivating black eyes.

In a world where beauty comes in all forms, Anri Okita embodies the essence of a curvy body type. With every aspect of her physique and appearance, she radiates grace and allure, making her a captivating figure in the world of entertainment and beauty.

  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
  • Weight: 57 kilograms (125 lbs.)
  • Body Measurements: 40-24-35 inches (101.6-61-88.9 cm)
  • Bust Size: 40 inches (101.6 cm)
  • Bra Size: 34K
  • Cup Size: K
  • Waist Size: 24 inches (61 cm)
  • Hips Size: 35 inches (88.9 cm)
  • Dress Size: 7 US
  • Shoe Size: 6 US
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Body Type: Curvy

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In conclusion, Anri Okita’s fascinating journey from her English birthplace to her prominence in the Japanese entertainment industry as an actress, singer, and songwriter, including her earlier career as an adult film actress, showcases the diversity of her talents and experiences.

Her early fascination with adult videos and her admiration for Saori Hara, a notable AV idol, set the stage for her eventual entrance into the AV industry. While pursuing her college education in England, she simultaneously explored modeling and became a gravure idol, laying the groundwork for her transition into adult films.

At the age of 24, Anri Okita embraced the AV industry, and her debut film marked the beginning of a successful career. Her collaboration with the renowned S1 No. 1 Style studio further solidified her position as a significant figure in the AV landscape during her initial years in the industry.

Anri Okita’s journey is a testament to her versatility and determination as she navigated a multifaceted career, and her impact on the entertainment world continues to be felt, both in her native England and in Japan.

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