Feud Over Fashion: Kai Cenat Clashes with Kanye West Over YZY Clothing Line Sizing Issues

Kai Cenat Clashes with Kanye West Over YZY Clothing Line Sizing Issues

A peculiar feud has erupted betweeKanye West Messaged Kai Cenat telling him not to make jokes about his clothesn Kanye West and streamer Kai Cenat after Cenat criticized West’s new YZY clothing line for its inaccurate sizing. The dispute began when Cenat showcased on his stream a pair of pants from the line that were excessively large for him.

Kai Cenat Clashes with Kanye West Over YZY Clothing Line Sizing Issues

West responded harshly to Cenat’s comments, confronting the streamer through Instagram DMs and publicly labeling him an “industry plant” during an episode of The Download podcast.

Cenat addressed the accusations and the ongoing feud while streaming on Twitch, visibly perplexed by the magnitude of the dispute over a clothing size issue. His reaction was captured and widely shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the user ‘GlorifyMind’.

In a clip from his stream, Cenat first expressed frustration at the mispronunciation of his name and then defended his authenticity and career, stating, “I’ve been doing this sh** since 2018,” referencing his origins from Facebook to creating “funny skits.”

Visibly frustrated, Cenat exclaimed, “F*** that,” frustrated over the situation escalating from a simple issue of ill-fitting pants. “Why is we arguing, brah [sic]?” he continued, addressing West directly. “Man, what the f***. Bro, Ye. Just send me some new pants, bro… all of this [because] the pants don’t fit?”

Cenat also made it clear that he considers himself far from being an industry plant, emphasizing that there was no need for any conflict over a clothing line, directly appealing to West to resolve the matter simply.

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