Apex Legends Player Discovers Overpowered and Hilarious ‘Hump Strafing’ Trick

An Apex Legends player has discovered a new trick called “hump strafing” while playing Solo Takeover, which is both overpowered and amusing.

Apex Legends players are always on the lookout for new strategies to outmaneuver their enemies. Some exploits have propelled players to Predator rank in earlier seasons, while others offer unexpected advantages.

Recently, a player named Treeree found a new strafing trick that involves “humping” doors. The technique involves jumping, hanging onto the edge of a door, and spamming the “W” button. This causes the player’s model to move up and down rapidly, making it hard for enemies to hit them.

This animation shows the character model using both hands to grab the door while still being able to fire their weapon. The bullet spread remains minimal, allowing for accurate shots. Despite its humorous appearance, this trick makes gunfights significantly harder for opponents.

The community reacted with surprise, unsure how to “feel about this post.” Some players blame the game’s net code, claiming it “lets you shoot through doors and around walls.”

The “hump strafing” trick is distinct from tap-strafing in the game. It’s not the first time a strafing trick has gone viral; previous tricks like “dora strafe” and “Raf strafing” also made hitting enemies nearly impossible.

While Respawn has disabled certain Legends and weapons in the past due to glitches and exploits, it remains uncertain if they will take similar action this time.

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