Apple M2 GPU beats its hype with up to +45% faster performances than the M1 in GFXBench

Apple M2 GPU

Apple M2 GPU beats its hype with up to +45% faster performances than the M1 in GFXBench, While the CPU part offers up to +13.5% in Cinebench R23.

The Apple M2 processor has already proven to be something of a low-power GPU beast in recent Geekbench appearances, and this initial impression has been somewhat cemented by following visits to both GFXBench and Cinebench R23.

While the results in the latter CPU-oriented benchmark, compared to those of the Apple M1, were not precisely mind-blowing (+13.55% single; +11.46% multi), some tests in GFXBench revealed the M2 GPU to be performing as expected if not even better.

It’s important to point out that the Apple M2 SoC does feature a 10-core GPU in the 2022 MacBook Pro 13 and the higher-end configuration of the new MacBook Air, so it does have a core-count advantage over the M1 that can be configured with either seven or eight GPU cores.

Apple has advertised that the M2 GPU can offer +35% performance over the M1 at maximum performance levels; however, there are several tests on GFXBench where the M2 reaches over +40% and even +45% faster performance than its predecessor.

Apple M2 GPU

Apple M2 GPU

Max Tech’s Vadim Yuryev pointed out that the GPU part of the Apple M2 SoC manages 42-45% performance increases over the M1 in the Aztec Ruins tests, and it continues to show significant performance differences in 1440p Manhattan and T-Rex.

There is a bit of a stutter in Car Chase, where the lead drops to +32.79% FPS rate for the 2022 ARM-based chip, but even that is still reasonably close to Apple’s claim of +35%. While the CPU part of the M2 SoC has only offered apparent small gains so far, despite a clock-rate advantage (M2: 3.49 GHz; M1: 3.20 GHz), the GPU component’s ability should certainly please future owners of the 2022 Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro 13.

M2 vs M1 | Here’s How Much Faster Apple’s New M2 Chip Is

1. Single-core: 1,919 on M2 vs 1,707 on M1 — a 12% increase

2. Multi-core: 8,928 on M2 vs 7,419 on M1 — a 20% increase

3. GPU (Metal): 30,627 on M2 vs 21,800 on M1 — a 41% increase

However, if you average out the numbers, the M2 fares slightly better than Apple’s estimates, with an increase of 24% over the M2. Averaging like this won’t provide realistic estimates since many factors determine how the CPU and GPU cores get used for various tasks.

M1 Pro?

Apple’s entry-level M1 Pro has two more CPU cores and six more GPU cores than the M2. It also allows up to 32GB of memory, and even though the M2 offers 46 percent more memory bandwidth than the M1 at 100GB/s, the M1 Pro doubles that with a 256-bit memory interface that allows it to reach memory access speeds of 200GB/s.

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