Run Down with Rachel reveals how easy exercises completely transformed her body

Run Down with Rachel reveals how easy exercises completely transformed her body

Run Down with Rachel reveals how easy exercises completely transformed her body

Bollywoodfever, March 1: A fitness enthusiast, known as Rundown with Rachel, has shared her journey to achieving her ideal physique, revealing that switching from high-intensity workouts to gentler exercises significantly improved her physical fitness.

Rachel, who actively shares fitness tips and encourages a “work smarter, not harder” approach on her social media, has spent years in the gym aiming for a sculpted body. Despite her efforts, she faced challenges with binge eating and physical discomfort from rigorous high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions.

Run Down with Rachel reveals how easy exercises completely transformed her body

In a revealing YouTube video

, Rachel opened up about the transformation in her fitness routine that led her to the best shape of her life, emphasizing the effectiveness of simpler workouts. She contrasted photos of herself from 2019 with her current condition, highlighting the stark difference in her appearance and how it didn’t align with her past intense workout regimen.

“This was me in 2019. I took it because I remember thinking, ‘I’m working out harder and more frequently than I ever have. Why don’t I look like it?'” Rachel recounted. “Fast forward to today, my workouts are easier than ever, more enjoyable than ever, I feel better and look better than ever and I’m doing a fraction of what I did before.”

Her epiphany came during a period of recovery from surgery when she was forced to slow down. Rachel discovered the benefits of long walks and was astonished by how much better she felt compared to her HIIT workouts.

“I was just blown away with how great my body felt, how great my body looked, and I thought, could this be? Could it be that I actually get better results from walking than intense workouts? Like there’s no way, there’s no way. That is what started my realization that in some way you could say less is actually more,” she explained.

Rachel now incorporates walking and rebounding, which involves jumping on a mini-trampoline, into her fitness regimen. She praised the Hamelin D’abell method, a workout focusing on slow, deliberate exercises to tone and sculpt the body. She also stressed the importance of a healthy diet in achieving her goals and noted that her more relaxed approach to exercise has helped curb her binge eating tendencies.

Towards the end of her video, Rachel candidly shared that despite her improved physique and confidence, she still experiences moments of insecurity and struggles with body image, particularly during certain times of her menstrual cycle when her appetite increases significantly.

Through her story, Rachel aims to inspire others to reconsider their fitness strategies, suggesting that sometimes, less intensity can lead to more significant results.

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