Brian Mulroney, Ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Passes Away at Age 84

Brian Mulroney, Ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Passes Away at Age 84

Brian Mulroney, Ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Passes Away at Age 84

Canada, Bollywoodfever, February 29: Brian Mulroney, the former Prime Minister of Canada, has passed away at 84.

His daughter Caroline shared the news of his passing on the social media platform X, noting, “Canada’s 18th prime minister passed away peacefully, surrounded by his family.”

Born in Baie-Comeau, Quebec, in 1939, Mulroney’s political journey was distinguished by his leadership within the Progressive Conservative Party, a coalition of Western conservatives, Red Tories, and Quebec nationalists. His tenure is remembered for the enactment of the original North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with the United States and Mexico, and the introduction of the goods and services tax (GST).

Brian Mulroney, Ex-Prime Minister of Canada, Passes Away at Age 84

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his sorrow over Mulroney’s death, stating, “Brian Mulroney’s love for Canada was evident. He dedicated his life to serving Canadians, striving to improve this nation. His wisdom and fervor have left a lasting impact on me. As we grieve, we also celebrate his significant contributions to our modern, thriving, and prosperous Canada.”

Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative Leader, hailed Mulroney as “one of our greatest statesmen” and extended condolences to his family, appreciating Mulroney’s direct advice and mentorship.

Following the announcement of Mulroney’s death, the House of Commons suspended its session early on Thursday evening.

Mulroney leaves behind his wife, Mila, and four children. His legacy is carried on by Caroline Mulroney, currently serving as Ontario’s minister of transport and francophone affairs, and Ben Mulroney, a prominent television figure. His other sons, Mark and Nicholas, have established careers in the banking sector.

Mulroney’s significant victory in Quebec during the 1984 federal election, where his party secured 58 seats, marked a departure from the traditional Liberal dominance in the region. This victory was crucial in overcoming the historical challenge faced by the Progressive Conservatives, who had been largely marginalized in Quebec and perceived as an Anglophone party.

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