California Gears Up for Additional Heavy Rainfall – Potentially Accompanied by Tornadoes


California Gears Up for Additional Heavy Rainfall – Potentially Accompanied by Tornadoes

California Prepares for Incoming Heavy Rainstorms and Possible Tornado Activity

California is on alert as heavy rainstorms are forecasted for Monday, bringing with them the unusual possibility of tornadoes. 

While the state is no stranger to extreme weather, including flood risks, tornadoes are a relatively rare occurrence.

Unlike the recent atmospheric river event that caused significant damage and casualties, this upcoming weather system is not expected to reach the same severity. 


Nevertheless, areas such as the Sacramento Valley and the agricultural corridor encompassing Stockton and Modesto could experience tornado activity, particularly south of the traditional “tornado alley” in the northern part of the state.

Kate Forrest, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sacramento, noted that California typically sees around 11 tornadoes a year, although they are typically weaker compared to those in the Midwest or Southeast.

Meteorologist Daniel Swain from the University of California, Los Angeles, emphasized the potential significance of this event for California, even though it may not reach the magnitude of tornado outbreaks seen in other regions.

While the Storm Prediction Center has not issued a tornado watch yet, conditions are conducive to the formation of tornadoes on the lower end of the Enhanced Fujita Scale. 

However, Steve Goss, a meteorologist with the Storm Prediction Center, cautioned that tornadoes in California are typically less destructive compared to those in other areas, often resulting in minimal damage such as downed trees or displaced roofing shingles.

California has recently transitioned from extreme drought conditions to a wetter climate due to consecutive atmospheric river events, though warmer temperatures are expected to reduce snowpack accumulation in the coming years.

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